Inflata Nation Beverley, Yorkshire – Review and Video!

Inflata Nation Beverley Review – We recently visited Inflata Nation at the Flemingate Shopping Centre in Beverley.  It was only its second day of being open.  If you have not yet heard about it, it’s an ‘inflatable theme park’ – think a trampoline park but with bouncy castles, inflatable slides and ballpools.  Needless to say the kids had an absolute ball!  You pay for an hour’s play – currently £9.95 each, which is long enough actually as both kids were exhausted and sweating by the time they came out.  

I took a video whilst there – at the end there is a bit of a wobbly video by Miss H but you can see what it’s like from a child’s perspective!

Another photo taken from the cafe area above where you can watch the kids.

Inflata Nation Beverley Yorkshire

They recommend that the kids wear long sleeves and trousers/leggings so that they don’t get friction burns, and socks are mandatory.  The kids were given wrist bands and then we watched a safety video before they were allowed in.  I’d recommend booking a session as they start on the hour – and be there twenty minutes early.

Inflata Nation Beverley, East Yorkshire

Inflata Nation Beverley Yorkshire (2)

Inflata Nation was so very new when we visited that some facilities were not quite finished.  The spectators area is above the inflatables with lots of tables and chairs to choose from.  In fact it is rather nice up there with a lovely view of Beverley Minster.  At the time of writing this there is a cafe downstairs selling drinks and snacks.  I am hoping that they will also be opening a cafe upstairs where the vast majority of the seating is – as negotiating three short flights of stairs with hot drinks, dodging rogue ball pits balls, while adrenaline high kids run rings around you is a bit trying!

Inflata Nation Beverley Yorkshire (2)

Overall though, Inflata Nation is a brilliant addition to the area, and ideal on a wet day.  Flemingate also has some nice shops, a cinema and lots of great restaurants so you can make a lovely, high energy family day out of it.  Oh and of course it’s a perfect place for kids’ parties!

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