How to See More of the World on a Budget

Having a strict budget doesn’t mean you can’t travel. It may mean you have to be more selective about where you go, but once you’re there, there are several ways you can see more without going over your budget.

Invest in travel insurance

It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but travel insurance is a good investment. With united healthcare travel insurance, you won’t have to worry about the cost of healthcare if you need it while abroad. You might not think you will need it, but the cost is relatively low compared to how much you will pay if you require medical treatment while on holiday. It’s best to be covered, just in case.

Stay in hostels instead of hotels

If you pay out for a hotel, you could be wasting money. If you want to get the most out of your trip, it’s unlikely you will spend much time in your room. So by taking the cheaper option of a hostel, you have a place to sleep at night and can store your luggage in a locker while you’re out enjoying yourself.

Travel light

By travelling light, you avoid excess baggage charges. If you often find you don’t use a lot of the things you pack, sit down and consider what you really need. If you’re staying in a hostel, you might have limited space to store your valuables safely. This is another reason to travel light. Some items you may need can be quite cheap, then either used once and left behind for someone else or taken home with you, when you no longer have to worry about storage space in a hostel.

Walk whenever possible

You can save money by walking short distances and investing in a map if you need it, rather than taking taxis to nearby destinations. This also helps you see more of the local area and you can stop off and explore anything which catches your attention.

Shop around for deals

If you shop around for deals, you could find a cheaper price, or get cash back. Some deals may seem good, offering what they claim to be large discounts, but the price may be lower somewhere else, and it’s worth checking before booking anything.

Travel out of season

If you travel out of season, you could get cheaper flights and accommodation. Although some of the attractions which are open at busier times may be closed or have shorter opening hours, it depends on what you want to do on holiday. You may still be able to visit some attractions but will just have to plan around the opening hours. Activities such as hiking and visiting local landmarks can be done at most times of the year unless they are dependent on the weather.

The cost of travelling can be reduced with a little planning, and by being prepared to look at different options. While some things such as insurance are important, you can usually save money on other parts of your holiday.