Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

Relaxing by the fire, watching films, and spending quality time with the people we love most. These are just some of the reasons why people call this time of year ‘the cosy season’.  Some great tips from top dad blogger, Paternal Damnation.

Whilst January can be dull, winter does enable us to unwind with those we love in the comfort of our home. But our feelings towards where we live often reflect how most of us feel generally at the beginning of the year: bored, unfulfilled, and in desperate need of excitement.

So why not use the wind-down after Christmas to personalise your family space? Follow our tips and you’ll find that you and your family fall in love with the house all over again!

Work Together

Kill two birds with one stone and use the year’s opening to spend some quality time together and complete important tasks. Have you been wanting to change the skirting boards, update your Quartz worktops, or tweak the dining room layout with the help of a new storage unit, but want to check with the rest of the family before changing the layout of the homework station and eating hub? Pop the kettle on, sit around the table, and discuss it now!

Share Ideas

Long gone are the days when social media was confined to teenagers. These days, we all enjoy browsing these sites – and parents are no exception to this. Whether scrolling through Instagram ideas or perusing Pinterest boards, it is now easier than ever for parents and kids to design the home together. And what’s more, this activity will earn extra cool points for mums and dads everywhere.

Top tip: Getting the home redesign right for everyone is paramount; why not heed the advice provided by Ideal Home on more ways to achieve this.

Craft your Perfect Home

Long walks and holidays in the countryside can be a great way to bond as a family. So why not recreate the wholesome charm of your favourite holiday retreat together? Brands like Cotswold Co. offer a range of rustic furniture ideal for turning your home into a country paradise. What’s more, exploring products will give you time to reflect on those memorable experiences, ultimately becoming closer as a family.

Sentimentalise your Space

Delve as a collective into those photo albums, trinkets and memorabilia and to decide how to adorn the walls, sideboards and tables with items that best mirror your family, both as individuals and as a team. Nothing strengthens familial connection more than happy reminiscing. In addition, all family members will feel more in love with the home than ever before.

The conclusion that The Pink House drew in their interview series Do You Dress Like You Decorate illustrates that our decorating and fashion preferences are tightly connected. With this in mind, why shouldn’t we decorate how we feel? Teach your children, friends and other visitors that expressing who you are through your house is invaluable in increasing self-esteem.

Maintain a Loving Space

Re-enlivening your feelings towards home is the easy part. The tricky task lies in prolonging your love for it. Fortunately, this is easy to achieve: just make sure that you regularly redesign, change, and alter the layout of your home. In doing so, it will remain a space for creative possibilities, rather than just a place to live.

A house isn’t just a place for comfort – it’s where we grow, individually and together. This is why it’s important for a home to reflect the changes, loves, and spirit of its family.

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