Frightwater Valley – Lightwater Valley with a Spooky Twist

Frightwater Valley – Lightwater Valley with a Spooky Twist

From the moment you step into the entrance you know it is Frightwater time at Lightwater Valley. They have really gone to town with the spooky theming. As we entered there was a bench with a skeleton and antique looking grandfather clock. Next to the skeleton sat a dummy in a mask as still as can be. The children approached tentatively, fascinated, but a little suspicious. They were right to be – but still leaped and shrieked when the dummy moved quickly towards them!

Halloween Scenes

There are lots of great theatrical Halloween scenes as you enter and lots to stage photos of the children in front of, there are even ghostly Minions!

Face Painting

Miss H does not like to miss out on an opportunity to have her face painted.  Today she dressed as a Halloween cat so had her face painted accordingly…

Trick or Treat

When you make your way into the fairground area you will see a huge trick or treat door, that’s open at certain times during the day.   It’s also the place to see a Magic show (runs about 4 times a day too, so make a note of the times). We managed to catch a little of the magic show but completely missed the Trick or Treat door (I wasn’t popular!).

Character Photobooth

Across from the trick or treat door there is a character photo stall where you can have your photo taken with ghoulish characters. If you then upload them to Lightwater Valley’s Facebook or Twitter you stand a chance of winning free tickets for next year too.

Halloween Music

We loved the music around the park too, lots of cheesy Halloween classics such as the Monster Mash, Ghostbusters and Thriller.  I don’t have any pictures of scary music, so here is a scary clown van instead:

Live Scare Maze

Master T and Mr Wonders braved the Live Scare maze, it was early on in the day though and although they said it was scary it was fine for him (aged 9). Mr Wonders thought that the strobe lighting and smoke might have scared the most fearful Miss H though. I imagine it gets very scary when dusk begins to fall…

When things got scarier….

Towards the end of the afternoon periodic statements were issued over the tannoys. They started with several short horn blasts reminiscent of air raid warning sirens and then it was announced that after 4pm the park would become a scarier place and that families with children under 12 or those with a sensitive disposition should make their way to the front of the park. It ended with the stark statement that ‘Frightwater Valley cannot guarantee the safety of anyone from this point.’ It was fabulously theatrical, and my children enjoyed it!

Frightwater Valley

After 4pm, the park did get scarier with lots of actors mysteriously appearing in spooky outfits, hiding around corners and peering silently through railings. They were good with the children though and didn’t try to scare them too much like they did the older ones. There was just enough for my children to feel the thrill of Halloween without being genuinely scared.


At 6.15pm if you are brave enough to stay that long, you’ll be entertained by fireworks!

Website and Prices

Have a look at the Lightwater Valley website for all the details.

Tickets are £20 each, but do look around for special offers.


Looking for other Halloween Events?  See my round up here.

Lightwater Valley kindly invited us to visit to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.



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