The Powerful HL4 Upright Vacuum from Hoover

Hoover unveils the HL4“most powerful no loss of suction* lightweight upright vacuum cleaner ever”

Voted BEST UPRIGHT VACUUM CLEANER by Good Housekeeping 2023, “Hoover’s newest upright vacuum is a great all-rounder that lifts dust and dirt quickly”.

The HL4 gives great performance, across all floor types with no loss of suction* to deeply clean carpets and above-floor surfaces. It’s lightweight, easy to carry at under 5kg, and moves seamlessly from floors to other surfaces at the press of a single button. And gives you peace of mind with a FREE warranty up to 3 years**

Hoover HL4



The HL4 deep cleans carpets and hard floors using the combination floorhead with ANTI-TWIST™ brushbar. With No loss of suction* it ensures a consistent great performance, even when the dustbin is nearly up to the maximum level.



The HL4 comes fitted with an ANTI-TWIST™ combination floorhead to actively prevent hair wrapping. Using specially developed bristles, a velvet brushbar and integrated comb, this handy feature untangles hair as you clean.



The HL4 boasts a wide range of design features, all of which make this model exceptional value for money. Simply switch from hard floors to carpets with fingertip controls and move seamlessly to other surfaces with the single press of a button. An ergonomic, soft-grip handle makes the HL4 easy and comfortable to use, whilst effortless bin emptying avoids mess.



Remove the weight limitations of a traditional upright vacuum cleaner, the HL4 targets stairs, furniture, skirting boards, ceilings and even cars with a portable cleaning solution.


PETS TURBO BRUSH (Pets model only)

The HL4 features a turbo brush tool to clean up the most stubborn pet hairs from cushions, sofas, carpets and even staircases. The rotating bristles deeply penetrate fabrics to loosen hair and fur and collect it within the bin.



Adjust your cleaning power on-the-go. Simply slide the suction regulator up or down to give you the perfect amount of suction to suit different floor types. For hard floors or short pile carpets the MAX setting is recommended and for deep pile carpets and rugs the MIN setting, to leave every surface spotlessly clean.



Household dust and dirt can often gather unnoticed in dark corners and under furniture. That’s why the HL4 is fitted with LED lights that enable you to easily see into every nook and cranny and ensure that your home gets a meticulous clean every time you use it.