3 Items To Bring Your Bathroom To A Whole New Level

We all know that the bathroom is arguably the most important room in the entire home, after all, where else can you find comfort, style, and peace all in one place? For a bathroom to work at its maximum potential, it should look beautiful, be functional, and above everything else, become a haven for relaxation.


Modern bathrooms should have all the latest technologies, items, and materials to suit today’s homeowners, which is why we’ll provide some great ideas for you to implement in your own house.


Regardless of whether you want to completely redecorate the bathroom or just fix up some areas, these are some fantastic tips for you to consider straight away.


The floor and walls


Naturally, water is going to be splashed all over a bathroom, which is why particular materials are a must-have in this zone to help shield the floor and walls. Many designers are offering wood, marble, or simply plaster, but we think tiling is still the best selection for bathrooms.


Tiles not only look gorgeous in a variety of patterns and colours, but really safeguard against dampness and mould in areas like the shower, bath, and sink. A tiled bathroom gives you almost limitless possibilities for decoration, but it’s hard to go wrong with water-inspired shades like blue and green.


For the floor itself, move away from wood and definitely not carpet (yuck), and opt for sensible and elegant possibilities like tiling made from granite, terracotta, ceramics, or even natural marble and stone. Like the walls, these tiles come in so many eye-pleasing designs that can suit a variety of bathroom layouts.

Consider the fixtures and fittings


Gone are the days when taps, handles, and showerheads were merely just a functional part of the bathroom – something to be switched on and off. Now, fixtures and fittings are included in the overall bathroom design scheme. These come in incredibly sophisticated designs that are full of advanced features and cutting-edge materials.


From square-shaped to touchless to matte black, quality basin taps play a big role in the bathroom and now ensure that your space is not just functional, but cohesive and classy all in one.




Finishing touches


For your bathroom to shine and continually impress guests and indeed yourself, there are several more ways you can take this area to the next level and stand out from the crowd.


  • Harness the use of shades by either matching or contrasting to your tastes, such as bursts of colour from your bathroom towels, wood panelling on a vanity, or even a tasteful rug on the floor
  • Think about an oval or circular mirror instead of the traditional rectangular shape to have something different that challenges the norm
  • Bathroom floor heating is a treat for the feet and helps ensure the warmth stays in the room
  • LED lighting on the sides of the floor looks incredibly futuristic and also works well as mood lighting when you’re in the bath or shower. Plus, these also help to save on energy costs
  • Add a shower recess to store any bottles like shampoos and soaps, as this looks better than piles of items on the floor or a rusty shower caddy
  • Hide as many unsightly objects as possible to keep your bathroom in that spa-like zone using some of these great organisational ideas



Looking for more ways to save money on bathroom designs that still look striking in any home? You can find more tips here and discover a bathroom scheme that works on any budget.














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