Bubba Gump, London – Fab Food and Great for the Kids

I got in trouble in Bubba Gump in London, and accidentally insulted the manager!  I didn’t mean to I was really meaning to pay a compliment – Mr Wonders was very embarrassed!  I ordered Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken, and oh my goodness me, it was one of the best things I had eaten, if not the best on our trip to London!  I am salivating now at the thought of it. It was tender and delicious and it was seasoned to perfection.

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Bubba Gump, London

The problem came when the manager visited our table to ask if everything was ok. I said that it was and told him that the chicken was even better than KFC. At this point the manager looked a little uncertain and Mr Wonders looked mortified. I quickly went on to explain that I love KFC and think that they do Southern Fried Chicken very well and really I was trying to pay a compliment.

Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken

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However, as much as I love KFC (I know – guilty pleasure!) Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken at Bubba Gump’s really knocked it out of the ball park.  It was divine – please order it. You’re welcome.

The mash it came with was equally delicious.  Normally I shun mash in a restaurant in case it secretly Smash (loved Smash as a kid – for mash get Smash!).   I like my mash to be made from real potatoes and this mash was fabulous. Oh and the Bourbon gravy – sounds odd, tasted great!

Movie Memorabilia – Forrest Gump

The restaurant atmosphere is homely with lots of movie memorabilia adorning the walls. They also had these great signs on the table to summon your server:

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Or to say everything was fine:

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Or it could have been the other way round – right now I have no idea!

Our server was great fun and quizzed us on our knowledge of Forrest Gump. The kids haven’t seen it and Mr Wonders has the memory of a goldfish so it came down to me to answer (badly!).

Kids’ Meals

The kids’ meals were served in these cute boats.  Miss H had eaten her fish and chips by the time this picture was taken.  Bubba Gump do not serve hedgehog! We had to take it home, naturally!

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Lots of Shrimp!

Mr Wonders ordered Shrimp New Orleans – you know we were in a shrimp restaurant so it made sense – he loved them!  He’d go back again just for these.

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Have a look at the gift shop downstairs too – ideal photo opportunity on Forrest’s bench.

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Great Family Friendly Restaurant in London

All in all, I’d completely recommend Bubba Gump, London loved the food and loved the comfortable easy atmosphere.  Very child friendly and great if you are looking for a family restaurant in London.

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Many thanks to Bubba Gump, London for inviting us to attend and review.