Geronimo Festival – UK’s Largest Children’s Festival

Geronimo Festival – UK’s Largest Children’s Festival

Geronimo Festival – This year sees us going to our first family festival at Arley Hall in Cheshire.  I am so looking forward to it!  Watch the video and you will be as excited as I am.

I love theatre and am looking forward to the myriad of different shows on offer from West End Kids performing songs from musicals, to Medieval Jousting, Tigers Motorcycle Display Team and Sock Wrestling (get their sock off before they get yours!).

Geronimo Festival at Arley Hall runs over the first weekend of the May half term, so the weather should be lovely, plus the kids will have time to recover afterwards before returning to school.  You can choose to camp or glamp.

So many different activities

There are so many activities to do while you are there.  Both my children love Lego so this is something we will be taking part in:

An all new attraction for 2018 will be a Fairy Bricks mosaic made completely of LEGO Bricks. The Fairy Bricks team won’t be building it though, you will be! Using close to 100,000 LEGO Bricks, the Fairy team will guide you through building your section which will join hundreds of others to complete the giant image. The finished design has to be a surprise so we can’t show it to you now but you can keep coming back to watch the picture develop and see if you can still spot the section you built.


What Geronimo Festival says about themselves:

We can’t wait  to entertain you in 2018 for all you Geronimites that are returning we have loads of your old favourite plus a whole host of new amazing activities. 

Geronimo has a kids field like no other festival, we cater solely to children allowing families to connect in a fairytale existence for an amazing weekend.


We have a list of fabulous Family Friendly Festivals in Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.


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