Splash Landings Waterpark and Alton Towers Review

Splash Landings and Alton Towers

Splash Landings Waterpark and Alton Towers Review – We recently had a lovely short break at the Alton Towers resort trying out their new Stargazing Pods.  We had some time on our first day there so we decided to go into the Splash Landings Waterpark.  You do need to pay extra for this – but it’s an excellent addition to your break.  The last time we went to Splash Landings the kids were quite small and at a ‘don’t like getting wet’ phase, so although we had a nice time, I hadn’t really been in a rush to go back. Fast forward a good few years to last week and it was a whole different ball game! We all loved it!

Alton Towers And Splash Landings Review

There are lots of water slides and the kids spent most of their time on these. There are fairly tame ones and ones that only daredevil Miss H would go on!

Inside there is a series of walkways to climb and explore (and get wet on!). As well as a large toddler pool and a lagoon, there is my all time favourite – a lazy river! I lost count of the amount of times we circled round there.

Splash Landings and Alton Towers

Outside the water is well heated. There is a bubble pool as well as a large lagoon area to relax and watch the kids appearing from the water slides. I spent a lot of time here too as the kids kept going back onto the slides. We were lucky to have a day that was sunny (though it was cold – but it didn’t matter!) and the steel band reggae music made me happy, and brought me as close as I have been to the Caribbean for a long time!

Splash Landings and alton Towers

Splash Landings Hotel do children’s entertainment in the evening – even if you are staying in different accommodation – we stayed in the Stargazing Pods.  It’s a lovely big room decorated in a lively Caribbean style.  The exit from the Splash Landings waterpark comes out just near this room (oh and there is an arcade here as well!).  This was during the day – it’s much busier at night!

Splash Landings Hotel

The following day, we got up bright and early to visit the theme park itself.  When you stay in Alton Towers accommodation you can get into the park and start riding half an hour earlier than everyone else, so make sure you get on the popular rides then!

Our children are a bit too old for Cbeebies land now but absolutely loved it when they were younger.

Alton Towers and Splash Landings


Miss H loves roller coasters but has not progressed to the really big ones yet. Her favourite is the Runaway Minetrain. While Mr W takes her on that, Master T and I head over to Duel, the haunted house and knock ourselves out shooting ghouls and zombies!  We also like to go in the Sealife Centre – it’s a bit of a quieter relaxing wander in the middle of a busy day and great for if it rains too!


My favourite ride is the Marauders Mayhem ride as we all go on that together. I have always loved the sensation of spinning on the waltzers, and this reminds me of that. Plus you can spin it as fast or slow as you like (faster, faster!).


We had a fabulous time at Alton Towers like we always do.  We love the rides and the happy atmosphere!  We also enjoyed our stay in the new glamping pods.


Alton Towers invited us to come and review – but as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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