Garden Party Decorations Guide & Pinata Giveaway

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love making the garden pretty in the summer for barbecues and garden parties! I just wish we could guarantee the weather!  We’ve been out in the garden as much as possible lately, even with the occasional shower, and I’ve taken some photos of lots of lovely garden goodies available to buy at the moment.


**I am also giving away the first entry – this fabulous Haribo Giant Strawberry Pinata!  See the bottom of this post for details!**


Haribo Giant Strawbs – Gone Mini

How fun is  this giant strawberry shaped pinata bursting with a scrumptious selection of sweet summer treats?  Ripe for the picking each pinata comes jam packed with mini bags of new Giant Strawbs Gone Mini, plus share sized packs of familiar favourite Giant Strawbs.

Small in size but still big in flavour, Giant Strawbs Gone Mini takes the unique chewy texture and long-lasting strawberry taste of this much-loved treat and makes it even easier to enjoy with new, bite-sized pieces, which are also suitable for vegetarians.  Always in season and bursting with flavour, HARIBO strawbs are sure to hit the sweet spot!  We love strawberry picking.

Genware Stainless Steel Champagne Bowl

I love this stainless steel Silver Champagne Bowl from Fisher’s Catering Supplies – it’s so decadent looking and a real talking piece at parties.  Simply fill it with ice and pop in a few bottles of fizz and you are away!  You could use it as a punch bowl too, but I like the idea of seeing the bottles in there.  It’s 38cm in diameter and has a capacity of 13 litres.

Garden Party Gift Guide

10 Retro Lightbulbs Garden String Lights from Red Candy

I love these solar lights from Red Candy.  I’ve always liked festoon lights so jumped at the chance to include these in my guide.  The cool thing about them is that because they are solar lights they can go anywhere and don’t need to be plugged into the mains.  They are 6.3m long and include 10 LED lights and of course are suitable for outdoor use.  They come fully charged too so you can use them as soon as you get them.

Garden Party Gift Guide


Vintage Solar Powered Lightbulb Lamp

This lamp is very similar in style to the other solar lights from Red Candy – but it’s much larger.  So you can hang it from a tree, but it really makes a great lantern on a table too thanks to its flat bottom.  It’s also solar and very bright once charged.

Garden Party Gift Guide

No Bounds Sport Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Every party needs some tunes!  So how about the No Bounds Sport speaker from The House of Marley? It provides 360° sound, and a rotating volume dial to quickly and easily adjust your music.  It has a 12-hour battery life, IP67 certification (both waterproof and dust-proof), and it floats!  Easy to charge and the sound is great!

Heston Blumenthal Precision Kitchen BBQ Meat Thermometer by Salter

If you are a bit worried about whether your food is cooked through on your barbie, then get yourself one of these temperature probes by Heston Blumenthal.  It’s extra long at 180mm, water resistant, and has a temperature range of -45°C to +200°C / -49°F to +392°F.  it has a two year guarantee and batteries are included!

Franklin & Sons Gin and Tonics

I love the look of these prettily designed gin and tonic cans.  Franklin & Sons has partnered with Caorunn Gin, Portobello Road Gin and Manchester Gin to create three new pre-mixed cans, which combine each gin with tonics from the brand’s portfolio.  Purchase from Tesco or Gin Kiosk.

Three Piece Natural Glow Candle Set

I’ve had one of these wax battery candles for a couple of years now and they look great – so like a real candle but a) they don’t blow out and b) they can’t burn your garage down like I did as a child (true story).  They feel like real candles and have a lovely vanilla scent.  They flicker and have a remote control too!

Solar Outdoor Fairy Lights

I love all things fairy light and these are no exception.  Outdoor solar fairy lights with staked panel and 120 white bulbs.  They charge during the day and then glow at night – no plugging in!


Garden Party – Strawberries and Cream Fruit Fizz

Just in time for summer and Britain’s favourite tennis event, Garden Party has launched a Special Edition British Strawberries & Cream fruit fizz, with a low ABV of 5.5%, which will be available to buy exclusively in Morrison stores across the nation from late June, RRP £5.


Vaso Glass Straws

The straws are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics. Each straw is recyclable, sustainable and extremely safe as they are crafted from German engineered Schott glass that is stress tested to double the possible human bite force. 


Competition to win a Giant Strawbs Pinata

Haribo Giant Strawb Pinata Giveaway