Avatar Flight of Passage, Pandora in Disney World, Review

We managed to bag fast passes for Avatar Flight of Passage, just two days after Pandora opened in Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida.  Master T is not keen on roller coasters, so as Avatar Flight of Passage is a ‘thrill ride’ just Mr Wonders and Miss H (thrill seeker) chose to ride.  Photography wasn’t possible on the ride, so Mr Wonders took photos in the queue (I would have taken better pictures!! 🙂 )

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Height and Size Requirements for Avatar, Flight of Passage

You need to be taller than 112cm to ride – I think this will equate to a tall five year old.  Miss H is 7 and is 130cm tall.

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You ride a Banshee on a flight over Pandora, for the purposes of the ride this means sitting astride a motorbike like seat and being fastened in by the back of the seat pressing up to your back, as well as ankle and calf restraints.  

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Mr Wonders commented that the restraint mechanism was very snug and that curvier people (like myself) might have struggled.  Indeed someone was turned away whilst he was there as they did not fit.  I am hoping that this issue might be fixed in the future as the ride sounds amazing.

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Mr Wonders says that the ride was truly stunning, a completely immersive mixture of virtual reality and motion with extra factors such as wind and sounds to add to the feast for the senses.  Miss H said that it was like a combination of all the best bits of Star Tours and Soarin’ together.  She said it really felt like she was flying through the air.

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Na’vi River Ride, Pandora

While you are in Pandora, also try the Na’vi River Ride which is fabulous for all ages and sizes!

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