Dom’s Kitchen – Affordable Kids’ Cookery Masterclasses near York


Dom’s Kitchen children’s cookery masterclasses – a bargain at just £9 per two hour class.  Do your kids consider themselves a bit of a whizz in the kitchen? Would you like them to learn more cookery skills? Or are you just looking for a fun and different activity for them?

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This week I took my two to Dom’s Kitchen for a cookery masterclass. Dom and his wife Emma live in a picturesque rural village just outside of Stamford Bridge near York. Dom has had a long career in professional kitchens, most recently at The Principal Hotel, York (that’s the Royal York Hotel to you and me).  He was finding that as a chef working long hours he never got to see his young children, and so the idea of Dom’s Kitchen was born.  

Private Catering in York

Dom’s Kitchen provides private catering in the York area as well as an ‘at home’ posh takeaway/delivery service.  And also, most importantly for the purposes of this review – kids’ cookery courses!

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Dom’s Kitchen Childrens’ Cookery Masterclass

The class is £9 each and lasts two hours. We did a class after school one evening but there will be classes running during the school holidays too.  When we arrived the children were instructed to wash their hands and put on an apron. Then the real fun began!   During the session the children made pasta dough and then later flattened this using a pasta press (is that what it is called? Looks a bit like a mangle.  Does anyone else remember mangles? Once got my fingers caught in one as a child!).

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Anyway, apologies for the random mangle digression. So, as well as making the actual pasta they also made a lovely pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes, onions and garlic. Master T relished being in charge of a sharp knife in the slightly scary gleeful manner of a nine year old boy.

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Dom had made his own garlic butter before we arrived with fresh wild garlic picked from the local woods. Small ciabatta loaves were then sliced and filled with the butter before being baked.

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Kids Cookery Course near York

The children also made fresh ice cream using cream and fresh vanilla pods. Can I just say that it was truly wonderful ice cream? I like to think I am a bit of an ice cream connoisseur and this was really top dollar ice cream. We were given it to bring home and the kids have forgotten about it, so it’s now my secret stash.


Another really novel thing they did was make white chocolate bowls. They each took and blew up a balloon and then dipped the balloon in white chocolate. This was then set aside to harden. Once ready, the balloons were popped and peeled away to firm little chocolate bowls (though much was eaten in the peeling stage it has to be said!)

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Once everything was made the children tucked into (or took home) what they had made.

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Master T ate all of his pasta and garlic bread.

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Before starting on his white chocolate bowl with ice cream.

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Miss H made a pretty fruit tableaux with her white chocolate bowl and fresh fruit. She is obsessed by strawberries and will eat them whenever the opportunity arises!

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Catering for kids’ with allergies

Teresa Buckle – who sometimes writes for us had taken her daughter to the class last week.  Her daughter has a severe egg allergy.  I asked her to write a few words about how Dom’s Kitchen handled this:


My daughter was keen to join this cookery masterclass but was a little nervous as she has serious egg allergy.  I contacted Dom who straight away gave me confidence that my daughter could very safely join in the class.  He asked a couple of questions to ascertain the extent of her allergy which means she can not be anywhere near an egg.  

When we first arrived we had to fill in all of our details and this gave me the chance to write down formally the extent of her allergy and also to explain what to do in case of an emergency. 

I was able to leave medication on the day should it be required but left my daughter with full confidence that I had been heard and that she would be in a safe environment  and that my fears and concerns had been heard and fully understood.



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