Westbeach Apparel Reckless Jacket Review

Now, it has to be said that Mr Wonders is much more outdoorsy than I am.  Before we met he was always outdoors, climbing mountains, doing ‘wild camping’ or could be found down some dark and damp cave.  By contrast I am more of a sit on a bench with a nice caffe latte and … Read more

Hotpoint ULTIMA Dishwasher Review (HFO 3P23 WL)

Hotpoint ULTIMA Dishwasher Review – I have had no end of problems with our old dishwasher so was overjoyed to be able to review this new spangly freestanding white one from Hotpoint.  It’s an ULTIMA HFO 3P23 WL for reference. To begin with it has a A++ energy rating, which Mr Wonders was impressed by (it’s … Read more

Make your small garden into a sanctuary

I am writing this in my garden with a glass of prosecco by my side. Mr Wonders is firing up the barbecue and all is right with the world. I know we don’t always have the weather but when we do I like to get outside and make the most of it.  My first house … Read more

Wizzili – The Personal Assistant for Busy Parents

It has to be said I am quite a geeky girl.  I love technology and am always really excited when a new product comes out that has a real practical use and will make a difference to my life.  Wizzili is billed as ‘The Personal Assistant for Busy Parents‘, which sounds ideal to me!  It’s … Read more