Westbeach Apparel Reckless Jacket Review

Now, it has to be said that Mr Wonders is much more outdoorsy than I am.  Before we met he was always outdoors, climbing mountains, doing ‘wild camping’ or could be found down some dark and damp cave.  By contrast I am more of a sit on a bench with a nice caffe latte and admire the view kind of girl when it comes to outdoor pursuits.  I am more of a watcher than a doer and I take great pleasure in the kids having fun outdoors – I am the one taking the pictures, but am very happy with my role. 

estbeach Apparel Reckless Jacket Review (10)

Westbeach Reckless Coat Review

Now, to the point of my post – we were recently invited by Westbeach, a Canadian activewear company, to review one of their winter coats.  Mr W chose the ‘Reckless‘ coat in red (a bold choice of colour for him!). 

You can read all the proper specifications here such as the lever of waterproof-ness (20k) and level of breathe-ability (20k) that don’t necessarily mean anything to me, but probably will to everyone else! 

It’s made from 100% polyester performance stretch fabric and has a wickable lining.  The outer fabric is coated with a water repellency treatment, and I can’t image it ever letting water in.  It has all sorts of fancy extras to protect you like this inner glove that stops snow finding it’s way up your sleeve.

estbeach Apparel Reckless Jacket Review (10)

Similarly the ‘fixed powder skirt’ (ie, a bit of extra fabric inside the coat near the hem) fastens to prevent snow coming in that way.

estbeach Apparel Reckless Jacket Review (10)

The hood is also quite clever in that it is larger so that it is helmet compatible, but has velcro and a drawstring to adjust for a better fit.

One thing this coat has in abundance are pockets – all sorts in all shapes and sizes and for different purposes!  There are seven external pockets, an internal security pocket, an internal lift pass pocket, a pocket in the sleeve and an internal goggle stowage pocket.

We are really impressed with the quality and style of the coat.  It’s one of those that will last for years and looks great into the bargain!


Westbeach kindly gave us the Reckless coat in order for us to review.  As always, all opinions are my own.