With a Hey Nonny! Taking Kids to the Medieval Banquet, London

As you approach the doorway of the Medieval Banquet in London you will see two shiny suits of armour standing guard – the whole place is wonderfully themed.  Then, you will descend into the beautifully lit cellars and be greeted by the costumed players before being shown to your table ready for your evening of carousing … Read more

Top Ten Travel Must Haves for Family Travel

I have compiled my top ten family travel ‘must haves’ for beach holidays with school age children.  Not only that, I have colour co-ordinated them in a lovely soft pink.  Because, well, I like pink!  I’ve collated them on a mood board over on Pinterest. Firstly, if it is going to be hot then a hat is … Read more

Jollydays Glamping Yorkshire – Campfires and Celestial Fireworks

glamping North Yorkshire

Jollydays Glamping – Our woodland tent was huge. I think perhaps the name tent is misleading. Whilst technically it is a tent as it’s made from canvas, it has the feel more of a woodland lodge. Outdoor Living You approach the lodge via a very large deck, so large that is makes the patio table … Read more