4 Best Brazilian Restaurants in Leeds

Brazilian Restaurants Leeds – You’re may be familiar with  the Brazilian Barbecue restaurants in America and Europe, where waiters are armed with giant hunks of meat, from which they slice pieces off directly onto the plates of the guests. It may seem like a gimmick, but the barbecue in Brazil (known as churrasco) is  an important part of the regional diet. Churrasco uses a variety of meats like beef, pork, chicken, and sausage that are cooked over a large “churrasqueira” charcoal barbecue grill.  The barbecues themselves usually have supports for spits or skewers, and often have nothing separating the meat and the embers. Beef is the most popular meat prepared on the churrasco. It is usually marinated in delicious flavours, including lime, lemon, or garlic for several hours before being seasoned with salt. Lets check out the  Best Brazilian Restaurants in Leeds.


Estabulo Rodizio Bar and Grill

St Peter’s Place, Leeds, LS9 8AQ

Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill honour the Brazilian Gaúcho’s traditional method of cooking.  They take the most flavoursome cuts of meat, which are then skewered and cooked slowly on open flames. This method of cooking also means that all the meat served to you fresh at your table, straight from the grill.  You can eat as much or as little as you like, and we have a large selection of meats on offer, so you can stick to what you know or try something a little bit different! Some of the mouth watering options at Estabulo are listed below. 

~A first class cut of meat, tender and full of flavour~

~Delicious succulent Pork Belly Meat~

~A risotto full of flavour with a vegetarian Hard Cheese~

~Tender Lamb seasoned & delivered to your table~

Brazilian Restaurant in Leeds
Estabulo Brazilian Restaurant in Leeds


Waterman’s Place, Leeds LS1 4GL

An exciting South American dining experience awaits you at Fazenda.  “Across the planes of the Pampas, herds of cattle graze vast pastures providing our South American native lands – Argentina and Brazil – with the finest meats.  At Fazenda, we want to keep century-old gaúcho traditions alive, bringing the true essence of our culinary roots and rodizio dining. From the finest grilled meats, to the most exquisite selection of wines, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality ingredients with outstanding service to each and every one of our guests.”

Some of the wonderful dishes at Fazenda –

~On the bone to enhance grilling flavours~

~Beef tenderloin~

~An Argentinian classic. Provolone drizzled in chimichurri and topped with fresh cherry tomatoes. Accompanied with fresh bread for dipping~

~Tender cut with a distinctive meaty taste~

Brazilian Restaurant in Leeds



21-22 Park Row, Leeds LS1 5JF

Not Brazilian, but in Gaucho is a glamorous Argentinian steak restaurant “Bringing a slice of Argentina to Leeds, in the city centre, dine with us during the week to relax with friends or colleagues over a cocktail after work at our bar, grab a swift lunch, a leisurely dinner, or celebrate in one of our private dining rooms. When it comes to the weekend you’re invited to our DJ hosted electro brunch and legendary Sunday roasts at the finest Argentinian steak in Leeds.”

Argentinian Restaurant Leeds


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