5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Leeds 2021

Best Chinese Restaurants in Leeds – The history of Chinese food goes back several thousand years to the earliest days of this ancient civilization. Its forms have changed from time to time, moulded  by new fashions, climate,  local preferences and influences from surrounding cultures. The UK got its first taste of Chinese food in 1884, in London, at the International Health Exhibition. A restaurant was constructed with chefs, ingredients and even interiors shipped in from China. The tabloid relentlessly mocked the food, but it was a huge hit with the public, and the rest was, of course , noodle history.  Let’s check out the Best Chinese Restaurants in Leeds.

G – Wu

Stainburn Parade | 300 Harrogate Rd | Leeds | LS17 6LY

G – Wu offer an extensive menu of delicious Chinese cuisine for both eat- in and take-away. The restaurant comprises of  a ground-floor lounge and bar, and a spacious modern upstairs room for larger parties. Below is a small selection of the mouth watering dishes available on the G-Wu menu.


Here’s a list of the delicious variety of chow mein (crispy or soft) noodles to choose from:

~Chow Mein Crispy or Soft Noodles~
~Udon Thick, White Noodles~ 
~Ho Fun Flat, Rice Noodles~ 
~Soup Noodles in Broth, Vegetarian Prawns,Vegetarian Chicken, Mixed Vegetables~

Filet Steak 

You can enjoy your fillet steak with any of the following :

~Ginger and Spring Onions~
~Green Peppers and Black Bean Sauce~
~Onions and Black Pepper~
~OK Sauce~
~Satay Sauce~
~Szechuan Sauce~
~Kung Po Sauce ~
~Hot and Spicy Sauce~

Aromatic Duck

~Crispy Aromatic Duck, served with pancakes, hoi sin sauce and salad~

chinese restaurants in leeds
G – Wu


Crown Buffet

Gower Street, Leeds , LS2 7PX  

Established in 2007, The Crown Buffet is a family run business well known for bringing the taste of East to the West. Offering an extensive choice of menus and dishes to cater for most tastes the Crown Buffet has  the capability to seat 160 persons at any one time. Below are some of the stars of the menu on offer.

~ Marinated shredded chicken with jelly fish~

~Wine soaked chicken feet ~

~Shell on king prawn with glass noodles in black pepper sauce ~

~ Sizzling fillet steak in Peking sauce~

~Shell on tiger prawns with soy sauce ~

~Cuttle fish cake with vegetables ~

~Sliced ox tripe and tongue in chilli sauce~

chinese restaurant leeds
Crown Buffet


Offering a delectable mix of modern and traditional dishes, Tattu is a trendy, Chinese restaurant in the heart of Leeds.  Just a few of the delicious items from the menu are listed below.

Wok Fried Angry Bird ~Chicken, roasted chilli peppers and sesame honey soy~

Iberico Pork  ~Pineapple, banana shallots and dragon fruit~

Thai Style Crispy Monkfish ~ Lime, shallots and lemongrass~

Lobster and Prawn Toast ~Sweet and sour chilli sauce~

Crispy Pork Belly ~ Black vinegar and coriander~

leeds chinese restaurant


Red Chilli Chinese Restaurant

6 Great George St, Leeds LS1 3DW

Red Chilli offers classical and modern Chinese dishes in an elegant room styled after Shanghai of the 1920s.

“Red Chilli is a restaurant with a mission – to enhance your experience in Chinese food, looking after your pocket, stomach and soul. We specialise in the finest Beijing and Sichuan dishes. All our chefs are well trained with experience gained from various Chinese embassies and five star hotels. Our menu is compiled with an appreciation of customers various experiences and adventurous spirit in Chinese food.  Our decor is contemporary with the depth of Chinese culture. Armed with the well compiled menu, an ‘exemplary’ wine list and norm breaking decor, Red Chilli is set in a class of its own. ”

Here we list some of the stand out dishes on offer on the menu –

~Crispy Shredded Beef Fillet in Cantonese Sauce~

~Crispy Whole Sea Bass with Sweet Vinegar~

~Chicken Skewer with Peanut Satay Sauce~

~Three Delicacies Seafood Hot & Sour Soup~

chinese restaurants in leeds
Red Chilli Chinese Restaurant


Mans Market

Unit F, West Point, Wellington Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4JJ

Mans Market gets its inspiration from a small fishing village in Hong Kong. Its creation resulted in many years of travelling, observation, education and education in the art of cooking Chinese cuisine.
An elaborate and theatrical entrance welcomes you , which was based on the Ladies Market in Hong Kong. Inside you will enjoy fun cocktails and a classic Chinese menu modernized with a new aged twist.  A few of the stand out dishes available on the menu are listed below.

~Spicy Rice with Peppers, Onion, Chilli and Chinese greens – add Prawns and Chicken~

~Chopped Veg, wrapped in pastry and steamed then pan fried ~

~Lighter Madras style Curry with Chicken, Potato, Peppers, Onion, Tamarind and Lime~

~Ramen Noodles served with a Fried Egg and Pak Choi. Soy Vegetable broth~

~Battered Prawns with a Marie Rosesauce and a crack of spice~ 


chinese restaurant leeds
Mans Market


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