Bar-Be-Quick American Smoker with Heck Sausages!

Bar-Be-Quick American Smoker with Heck Sausages – Earlier this month was Mr Wonders’ 40th birthday.  It was the first bank holiday of the month and to everyone’s surprise was fabulous hot weather.  I always think that England is the best place to be on a hot summer’s day – it’s just a shame you can’t rely on the weather to be nice!  Anyway, it was absolutely perfect weather for a barbecue and Mr Wonders’ is an aficionado at cooking low and slow.  Not for us are charred sausages and undercooked chicken!  It takes ages with his method but it is so worth the wait!

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Bar-Be-Quick American Smoker

We were sent this fabulous American BBQ and Smoker from Bar-Be-Quick (RRP£69.99).  It can barbecue, smoke, steam and roast so is very flexible.  It sort of stacks, so that the charcoal is on the bottom layer and accessed through a door, then there are two cooking layers. 

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We just used one layer to barbecue, but you can use both layers to cater to larger numbers.  You can also use the barbecue to smoke meats.  Mr Wonders has declared his intention to smoke/roast two chickens at once in there.  It comes with a lid as you can see to keep the smoke in.

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You can also remove the top half and make it into a small portable barbecue to take camping with you.  I love the design of it as it looks very cool.

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Heck Food – Perfect for Barbecues

When Heck food (a great Yorkshire company!) heard we were having a BBQ for Mr Wonders’ 40 they kindly got in touch to send us lots of samples of their sausages and burgers to try.  We tried their Ultimate burgers, Family pack of sausages, Plump Pork and Apple sausages (my favourite) and their very popular Chicken Italia sausages (favoured by Slimming World fans everywhere).  The majority if not all of their range is Dairy and Gluten free.

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