25 Favourite Family Days Out in the UK

I asked lots of parent bloggers around the country where their favourite family days out with the kids in the UK were, and together we came up with this fab list!  I’ve added in a few of my own favourites – don’t miss the reviews!


Kirkley Hall Zoo

“Kirkley Hall Zoo is a fairly small zoo, it doesn’t have lions, tigers and elephants but it does have lemurs, monkeys and meercats so we knew there would be enough to keep him entertained.  It’s £6.95 for adult admission and children under 2 go free.  We packed a picnic to take with us so it wasn’t going to be an expensive day out.”  Many thanks to The Geordie Grandma.


Drayton Manor Theme Park, Staffordshire

One of our favourite days out is Drayton Manor.  With a 2, 3, 4 and 12 year old it has something for everyone – Thomas Land for the little ones, big rides for my eldest and a fantastic zoo for us all.


The Forbidden Corner, North Yorkshire

I just love the Forbidden Corner, it’s unlike anywhere else I have been.  There are mini mazes and follies and quirkiness around every corner!  Have a look at our review of the Forbidden Corner.

Yorkshire Camping
The Forbidden Corner

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

Our best day out last year was Alton Towers. The queues weren’t more than 20 minutes on the big rides, staff were friendly and there was a range of rides that suited all of our family.


Paulton’s Park, Hampshire

We loved Paulton’s Park which has Peppa Pig World. Perfect for us, and a 2 and 11 year old to do PPW and then the bigger rides at Paultons park when the little one was sleeping. It’s a great family day out all round. Even better in the summer as it has an AMAZING splash park. There are animals and beautiful gardens so even the grandparents would like it. One of the best theme parks I’ve been to. 


Stockeld Park, North Yorkshire

Stockeld Park is a fabulous destination with an Enchanted Forest, Illuminated Maze and Ice Skating in the winter (roller skating in the summer).  Read our review of Stockeld Park.

days out in the UK


Aira Force, Cumbria

Aira Force at Ullswater is a great family day out. From exploring the woods and splashing through streams to becoming a detective, there’s nothing quite like playing outdoors.


The Bluebell Railway, Sussex

One of our favourites was the Bluebell Railway. Bluebell is an old Railway that has a working line from Sheffield Park to East Grinstead. It boasts the largest collection of steam locomotives and is primarily run by volunteers.


Bockett’s Farm, Surrey

My favourite day out this year was to Bockett’s Farm. It’s a lovely farm in Surrey with all the normal farm kids fun but also a massive soft play section and their coffee shops does a mean coffee as well. I went with my 2 year old son and 12 year old sister and they both enjoyed it equally 🙂


North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR), North Yorkshire

Take a ride on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, this fabulously restored steam railway and see the Harry Potter film locations.  Lots of events on during the year and great at ChristmasHave a look at our review here.

days out in the UK


Streamvale Farm, Northern Ireland

We love Streamvale Farm – it’s a typical open farm but super value for money and has lots of seasonal stuff all year. Grandparents go free during the summer and there’s always small animals to handle, lambs to feed and puppies to play with. 

Chester Zoo, Cheshire

We love Chester Zoo!  We are just around the corner and go often. It’s absolutely huge. Filled with lively animals (always a lot of babies!), a bunch of play areas and a brand new Islands section. If you’re not far, they have a membership option which is amazing value for money.

Watercress Line, Hampshire

We love the Watercress Line for a good steam train day out.  Eleanor from Savings 4 Savvy Mums recently reviewed the Watercress Line for us too!


Hamerton Zoological Park, Cambridgeshire

I love visiting Hamerton Zoological Park, very reasonably priced and whenever we go we are always seeing new work being undertaken! 


Forestry Commission Forests, Nationwide

Whilst we love visiting theme parks they can work out expensive. So we like to visit our local Forestry Commission forest which you only have to pay for the car park. With the option to complete a new of trails through the forest, take bikes for a bike ride or take a picnic to enjoy the outdoors.


Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire

Flamingo Land is a fabulous theme park for all the family.  Lots of rides and attractions as well as a zoo.  Have a look at our review of Flamingo Land here.

UK Days out - Flamingo Land February Half term


Pennywell Farm, Devon

The best day out we have had is a farm in Devon called Pennywell Farm. It’s so good all the staff are fab and everything is interactive.


York Maze, North Yorkshire

York Maze is a brilliant day out.  It’s seasonal and only open over the summer holidays and at Halloween.  Have a look at our review of the York Maze.

Things to do in York - York Maze


Walton Hall and Gardens, Cheshire

We had a fab free day at Walton Hall and Gardens. Great play area and parkland, nice cafe and a children’s zoo all for the price of parking.


Marwell Zoo, Hampshire

The annual pass for Marwell Zoo is really reasonably priced and they have so much there for under 5’s.


Burnby Hall, East Yorkshire


Burnby Hall has lovely picturesque gardens with a lake and water lillies.  They have a small play area and nice café.  Lots of interesting places to explore and themed days for kids in the school holidays.  See our review of Burnby Hall Gardens here.



Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent

We have passes for Wingham Wildlife Park and we love it! Lions and soft play and dinosaurs. And now chimpanzees too!  Or you can visit The Kent and East Sussex Railway.


Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire

Dalby Forest is our family’s favourite place to visit. It’s so much fun, from the kids themed walks, play area and for older there is Go Ape etc. 

UK days out - Dalby Forest


Eureka, West Yorkshire

Another is Eureka – fantastic museum that’s purely designed for kids. When you pay entry once, you can visit for a year for free. Has a mini town, all about the body and also has separate areas depending on age. Even has baby sensory baskets in a creative space

Sundown Adventureland, Lincolnshire

Sundown Adventureland is great! It’s a theme park aimed at the under 10’s.


Treetop Nets, North Yorkshire

Treetop Nets is an unusual high energy day out.  Huge trampoline nets strung high in the trees with giant bouncing balls and slides.  See our review of Treetop Nets here.


February half term in Yorkshire


Thank you to all the great family bloggers that took part and made suggestions.  They are:

Five Little Doves, A Strong Coffee to Go, Mummy FoxMy Boys Club, LesBeMums, Emma and Family, Hi Baby, Mighty Duxburys, Over 40 and Mum to One, The Mum Diaries, Boo, Roo and Tigger Too, Glossytots, And Another Ten Things, Whinge Whinge Wine, Raising Moonbows, The Sleep Thief’s Mummy, Family Travel with Ellie, You Have to Laugh, Mouse, Moo & Me Too, Savvy Savings 4 Mums, Living with a Jude, Candyfloss and Dreams, Chilling with Lucas, Ballsy Mama, The Incidental Parent,  Our Altered Life, Happy Days Family Travel Me, Annie Bee

Looking for more suggestions?  Have a look at this post from Travel Loving Family, and this one with lots of fabulous things to do around the UK.


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  1. Great read! I’m just like Evie and I am from Birmingham and though it is London based, I often use Angels and Urchins to work out what is happening up and down the country. Because I am so centrally located it means that I am able to travel to a lot more places, which is really handy and the guide from them always keeps us busy! http://www.angelsandurchins.co.uk/

  2. Great article! I live in Birmingham and find it’s always really difficult to find suitable adventure days with the kids that a) don’t cost an arm and a leg and b) one that is local and we don’t have to spend hours driving to. Saying this, I’ve been to the Flamingo Land before and they really looked after us. I recently came across a really good site called Angelsandurchins.co.uk that have loads of things to do with the kids – has anyone else used it before? It’s London based so if anyone is looking for things to do over the summer, would definitely recommend checking it out! And obviously, if anyone has any ideas for what we can do in the Midlands, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you – Evie x

  3. Thanks for including me. This is a great resource for when you are visiting somewhere new – will pin it x

    1. Thanks Louise! I love pinning things, then I can always find them again! Nikki x

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