The Amazing Aquapark Rutland Water Park Review

Last weekend we met up with our lovely friends when they were over from Spain.  They were staying in Hastings, so we met around half way at the Aquapark at Rutland Water.  It’s a huge inflatable obstacle course on a lake – how cool is that?!


We love boating lakes, so this was perfect for us.


So, we were told to arrive at least 40 minutes before our session to have the kids fitted for wetsuits.  I am glad we did as it took almost twenty minutes to get Miss H into one before she finally announced that it was too small and we should get the next size up!  Cue more wet suit wrangling and we were ready!

The kids in wetsuite at Aquapark Rutland

The next stage was to choose a lifejacket for them:

After a safety talk on obstacle course etiquette they were set free on the course itself.  The Aquapark at Rutland water features the largest collection of ‘bespoke big impact water obstacles’.  The lay out measures over 100m by 80m and features climbing walls, trampolines, balance bars, slides, and blast bags making it the ultimate day out for groups, families, adults, children age 6+ and adrenaline junkies.

Aquapark at Rutland Water Park

There is a bank and some seating where the spectators can sit and watch, although you can’t get too close.  GoPros can be worn on a chest harness – which would get you some fab footage!  There is also a park photographer who will take pictures of you on the course – you can purchase these afterwards.

Inflatable water park

There are lots of places to climb and lots of slides!

Aquapark Rutland Water Park

Rutland Water

 Prices start from £20 each. It really is a fabulous and exciting day out for the kids!

There always seems to be a long queue to pay for parking when we visit Rutland Water.  There are varying prices but a full day is £8, and you can pay for that when you park rather than later on when there is a huge queue – definitely something to consider if you are staying all day.  They also have a good value annual parking pass.

The Aquapark at Rutland Water invited us to visit and review, as always any opinions expressed are my own.