Top lakeside locations in Europe

In the UK, we’re spoilt to have both the Lake and Peak Districts on our doorstep allowing us to experience their beauty without having to travel far! Both locations offer such a peaceful atmosphere; it’s the perfect location to disconnect from the pressures of everyday life and truly connect with your family – plus there’s always something for everyone. However, we also know that there is something truly special about going further afield and experience a new culture.

We’ve put together a list of lakeside holiday destinations that is perfect for all ages and adventures.

1. Donegal, Ireland

The Lake District is known amongst walking enthusiasts as a beautiful location. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something different and not too far away, then Donegal in Ireland is the ideal destination. it’s a similar culture but you get the added bonus of experiencing the beauty and greenery of Ireland.

Famous for its many hiking routes, walking holidays to Donegal provides something for every age. You’ll be able to experience the rugged mountainscapes and stunning coastlines of Donegal (one of Ireland’s most beautiful counties) including Glencolmcille District, Mount Errigal, Glenveagh National Park and more.

2. Lake Garda, Italy

Whilst the Peak District is beautiful, it’s a bit cold during the winter months. So, if you’re craving some warmer weather then you can’t go wrong with Lake Garda.

A holiday to Lake Garda gives you stunning views of the lakeside alongside the ability to take a break from the walking and hiking. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the Italian culture filled with beauty and relaxation whilst experiencing a beautiful natural backdrop.

Escape to the peaceful and serene shores of Lake Garda and immerse yourself in the charming towns of Riva del Garda, Limone, and Malcesine. Take in the tranquil atmosphere and relax as you explore the quaint streets and pleasant locales. When you’re there, you’ll be able to discover the captivating labyrinth of canals and squares in the city of Venice and the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site of Verona. These trips will offer a chance to delve deeper into the rich history and cultural heritage of the region, providing a well-rounded experience on this beautiful Italian getaway.

Renowned for its magnificent landscape, this corner of Italy is the perfect way to take a break from everyday life.

3. Austrian Lake District


Like the UK, Austria is home to a beautiful lake district known as Salzkammergut. The area consists of 76 lakes and boasts incredibly captivating scenery and is ideal for people who are interested in activities such as hiking, water sports, hiking or just enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

A holiday to the Austrian Lake District will gift you with stunning views filled with lush green valleys, sparkling blue lakes and dramatic mountain views – plus the climate is a bit warmer this time of year than that of Northern England.

4. Lake Como

If you’re looking to experience another beautiful Italian region, you can’t go wrong with Lake Como. This region gives you breath-taking lakeside views and gifts you with rich culture, delicious foods and incredible weather. With surrounding Alpine towns such as Tirano, Chiavenna and St Mortiz, you’ll be able to experience the real Italian culture. Plus, if you want to be close to a city, then the fashion capital of the world Milan isn’t too far away either!

There are some stunning lakeside locations around the world, so whether you’re looking for new hiking trails or just want somewhere to relax a bit further afield, there is plenty of options just waiting for you to discover them. If you’re searching for a way to travel on a budget, take a look at Travel Department’s holiday offers – a well-kept secret within the industry…until now.

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