The top places in Yorkshire to live for first-time buyers

For first-time buyers, the last year hasn’t been the easiest, mostly due to higher costs in the property market and lower mortgage acceptance rates. However, those looking for their first home will be pleased to know that the property market in Yorkshire is booming, with an abundance of homes costing less than the UK average.

With historic cities, gorgeous countryside landscapes, and charming villages, Yorkshire has so much more to offer to those looking to get on the property ladder. We take a look at four of the top locations in Yorkshire to plant roots and find your ideal first home.


Known for its thriving cultural scene and excellent transport connections, Leeds is one of the top choices for first-time buyers. The city is home to an excellent mix of modern apartments, traditional houses, and new build homes in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Despite being smaller than other major cities, Leeds is one of the best places to find a job. With the city having become a hotbed for tech startups, it is the ideal location for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Despite everything Leeds has to offer, the price of housing still remains below the national average, so it’s no surprise why it is such a popular location for first-time buyers.


As a city, Sheffield has a great local economy and the job market is remarkably favourable towards professionals. It is one of the greenest cities in the country and also a great place to start a business. Alternatively, Sheffield’s quiet suburbs are perfect for those hoping to start a family

With thanks to Sheffield’s ’Heart of the City’ project, the city has undergone vast changes in development. The scheme has created numerous brand-new public spaces, skyscrapers, and buildings, meaning more jobs and accommodation are now available.


With its ties to ancient history, stunning Gothic cathedral, and variety of restaurants and bars, York is most definitely a hub for entertainment. First-time buyers have an array of housing options ranging from stylish apartments to traditional Victorian terraced houses.

While central York is a highly sought-after location to live, you’ll also find modern and new-build properties further afield in areas like New Earswick and Haxby. Additionally, York has great transport links and a long list of good schools, making it suitable for commuters and young families alike.


Huddersfield combines affordability with a rich industrial history and beautiful open spaces. There’s also the Peak District only a short distance away – perfect for those who love the countryside. The properties here vary from traditional period cottages to contemporary new builds.

The West Yorkshire town also has a range of entry-level properties that are suitable for first-time buyers. These tend to have a high saleability rate, with properties in the area always being in great demand.

Due to the size and variety of the settings, Huddersfield is culturally diverse. The mixture of backgrounds and ages ensures that the area is in a constant phase of development, bringing communities together in creative ways.

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