Stockeld Park Christmas Adventure – Review

Stockeld Park Christmas Adventure – We love Stockeld Park at Christmas, there are so many festive activities!

A Great Place for a Get Together

This time we planned our trip to coincide with a reunion – meeting up with old friends with similar aged children and it worked really well. The children had a fabulous time playing in the Enchanted Forest as we caught up on what everyone has been doing over the last year. It would be perfect for an extended family get together too.


Book Your Tickets

Anyway, back to our day out. The first thing I would recommend is that you book your tickets in advance. It’s a few pounds cheaper this way, but the real benefit is that you can jump the queue at the entrance and go to the tiny ‘pre-booked’ queue. It has to be said, the queue yesterday was huge, but thankfully moved quickly, so was nowhere near as bad as it initially looked!


Once in and the obligatory toilet visit done (they are in the main building through the cafe and worth visiting before you do any activities that are further away!) We set off for the Enchanted Forest.


Enchanted Forest at Christmas

The Enchanted Forest at Stockeld Park is made up of a series of really good quality play areas alongside a woodland walk. The whole area is beautifully and atmospherically lit for the Christmas Adventure.


A good tip here is to save the Enchanted Forest till later in the afternoon when dusk begins to fall, to experience the true beauty of it. Or, if you have more energy than I generally do, then visit early on so that the kids get the full benefit of the play equipment in the light, but revisit after dark for a stunningly beautiful treat.  If you can, don’t go immediately that it gets dark though as lots of people go then, wait half an hour to an hour if you can and then you’ll be able to enjoy it at a more leisurely pace.


Stockeld Park Christmas

The main cafe at Stockeld Park us huge with lots of seating for everyone. They served hot food as well as paninis and jacket potatoes. There were also sandwich boxes that you made up yourself for the kids.

Festive Outdoor Ice Rink

Stockeld Park has one of the few real outdoor Christmas ice rinks in Yorkshire so make sure you get the kids to give it a go. Don’t forget to take spare clothes with you just in case they spend more time on their bottom than on their feet!


The Illuminated Maze

The kids loved the Illuminated Maze and we spent a decent bit if time chasing them round it. I f it has been wet, make sure you remember wellies. This is something we rarely remember until we are actually there, so I am passing on my wisdom/declaration of my incompetence!


Nordic Skiing

We didn’t take part in the Nordic Skiing, although the children wanted to, it looked far too much like hard work to me. We saw lots of families having fun doing it though!

Santa’s Grotto

You can visit Santa’s Grotto while you are there. The outside was beautifully lit and really looked magical.  This is Miss H with her Christmas Pudding hat, looking like one of Santa’s elves!


Stockeld Park Christmas Gift Shop

Another real treat is the gift shop. It’s huge and sells lots if regular toys but also a huge selection of fab Christmassy items.


Perhaps have a browse while your other half keeps the kids entertained and then you can wallow in its gloriousness. Stockeld Park also sell Christmas trees which is something to consider taking home if you can fit one in alongside the kids!


All round a lovely festive day out that we all would recommend.

Website – Stockeld Park Christmas 2017

Have a look for all the details of the Stockeld Park Christmas Adventure.

Stockeld Park Prices

Stockeld Park prices  – Off peak prices start at £30 for a family of four.  Peak prices start at £40 for a family of four.


Stockeld Park kindly invited us to visit and review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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