Great Lego – Themed Places To Take Your Kids For An Adventure

By now, there are loads of parents who grew up playing with Lego when they were a child. Even after all those years, Lego is as popular as ever and continues to capture the imagination of kids all over the country.


Is Lego fiddly and sometimes annoying to find all those tiny pieces? Yes, there’s no doubt, but if it entertains the kids for an hour or so, then it’s worth it all (just don’t step on a piece of Lego without shoes).


I swear, every TV show and movie has some sort of Lego tie-in: from Harry Potter to Star Wars and probably even Eastenders if we’re honest! It is always fun to see how the kids go off-road and build little creations that aren’t in the booklet, as nothing sparks ingenuity quite like Lego.


Lego storage is admittedly a bit of a problem at times, as it’s not easy to put away those hundreds of pieces, but there are some good tips for organisation that will ensure everything is stored away and never lost!


This got me thinking recently… where else can you take kids for Lego that isn’t the local toy store? It turns out there are several great Lego-themed places to visit if your children are obsessed with these tiny, colourful bricks! Here’s where to go for more Lego adventures.


Windsor Resort


Somewhat similar to Disney World, the Lego Windsor Resort is where you can stay for the weekend and have all the Lego that you can handle (you’ll probably have enough but the kids will go wild).


We’re talking about everything with a Lego theme, such as roller coasters, that horrible ride that drops down vertically, water rides, and even little cars to drive around a track.


There are also live shows, cinemas, and special themed lands like Miniland, pirates, and the Ninjago one which I never really understand. All in all, there’s enough Lego excitement to last an entire weekend.


Of course, there are shops and shops and shops selling everything Lego-related, but try your best to not buy everything the kids ask for.


Lego Discovery Centre


If you’re looking for more of a Lego adventure for just a few hours, then the Lego Discovery Centre is probably more your thing. There are two locations in the UK: Manchester and Birmingham. So, hopefully it’s not too far to travel to one of these options.


Not that the Windsor Resort doesn’t have this, but there are perhaps more options to get creative with regard to building Lego constructions at these Discovery Centres. However, you’ll still find a few rides, cinemas, live shows, and funny attractions like Miniland.


The three options I think that kids will enjoy the most are the table to build a tower before the earthquake hits, a space-themed area to build a rocket ship (who doesn’t love that?), and a small race track to create a car that will handle the different terrains.


You really can’t go wrong with either the Windsor Resort or the Discovery Centre if your children are fanatical with Lego. Even adults will find themselves having a good time, especially if you played with these bricks as a kid. It may just depend on how much free time you have, as both possibilities have their pros and cons.


Just don’t forget to check our essential list for holidays with children before you go, as you want everything to be smooth sailing before the adventures begin!





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