10 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Children Snowboarding

Have you noticed yourself spending hours after work staring at the computer? Opening and closing tabs of SkyScanner, Kayak and Expedia? Or are you checking snow reports the subsequently rifling through the attic and dusting off the ski gear for the kids only to discover they have grown out of everything? How you ask! Well, then this means it’s the time of year to book a family snow adventure. Whether you are a first-timer family looking to experience the mountains together or maybe you have been a couple of times, but you are questioning whether it’s worth it. This article is a must-read. Put your mind at rest and reignite your passion. Discover 10 reasons why you should take your children out snowboarding and learn why it’s one of the best gifts you can give to the kids!


Improves mood

MOOD! Is the best place to start. There is nothing better than the mix of adrenaline, serotonin and oxytocin from spending time as a family, being out doing something active and having some fun! You will find by the end of the day you and the kids are beaming from ear to ear and that satisfied tired after a long day of activity. Keep the kids active and stimulated.

Cardiovascular health

Snowboarding is a fantastic aerobic workout, it gets your heart rate up and increases cardiovascular and respiratory endurance which is incredible and great for overall fitness for you and the kids. It also burns a lot of calories which isn’t essential but does give you a licence to eat all the carbonara at lunch and the cake in the chalet when you get back- Win.


They’ll learn to appreciate nature

We know that the media makes us think this generation of kids couldn’t draw a picture of a tree even if they happen to be sat in front of one, it isn’t true. Yes, maybe they spend more time on the iPad than in the garden, but they are learning valuable skills for the changing world. Having said that, a deep appreciation for nature is deeply important. Inspire your kids, encourage them to look around, see the mountains through fresh eyes, breathe in the pure light air and the kids will be filled with a David Attenborough level of appreciation for their surroundings.

Balance and coordination

Snowboarding focuses on your capacity to quickly react while maintaining control of your stance, which are excellent skills, ensuring stability and coordination is maintained; it helps the kids in a whole host of other spots too! Implementing all of this will help improve your body’s awareness and mobility, oh don’t forget balance skills too.


Learning from mistakes and dealing with challenges

Resilience is a crucial skill your children will learn from snowboarding. The ability to make a mistake, notice it, review why and how it happened, get up and simply try again. There will be moments of pure frustration, perhaps when learning to shift wait on the edges or riding switch or maybe even when they head to the park and try their first jumps on a snowboard, but the kids will learn practice makes perfect. Despite how many tries it takes, when they get it, the feeling of satisfaction will teach them a valuable lesson. 

Confidence on and off the slopes

Learning to snowboard is a process, up’s and downs, tears, tantrums, happiness, smiles, love and confidence. But the skills required help build a massive amount of determination. Children learn to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and try again. That feeling when it all clicks, that feeling will follow them into every tricky task they take on.



There is nothing as fun as snowboarding or dare we say. . . even skiing. Children and adults alike, have their heart filled with happiness, views that will make you skip a beat, cherished family time and full immersion in another culture. Now blast down that run with your family and feel the feelings of elation fill you up!


Builds muscles

Snowboarding is a great workout. Not just when you are a beginner, using those abs to haul yourself up every time you fall, which we know is a lot. But snowboarding is excellent for building strength in your glutes, quads, hamstrings, thighs and calves. The activity as a whole will also Increase stamina, that they can take back to PE class!


A good night’s sleep!

Your children will never sleep as soundly after a good day on the hill and nor will you. Imagine a long and fun day or riding, breathing in the fresh air, full bellies with pasta and cake, then taking a long hot shower and crashing into a comfy bed. Oh, one could get sleepy just thinking about it.


They will catch the bug!

Perhaps snowboarding has been a massive part of your life, or maybe you have just heard what a sensational experience it is and you are really keen for the kids to catch the mountain-loving bug. A skill you can pass down to them, one they will cherish, fond memories, and something they can love and enjoy with their friends when they get older. Don’t worry, if you take the pressure away, without force, just constant encouragement, we can guarantee, your kids will love snowboarding and be counting down the days to their next trip!


There you have it, folks, a short and sweet article to demonstrate all the reasons why you should take your children out snowboarding. The memories and the smiles will make every second worthwhile. All the worrying if they have eaten enough, warm enough, the booking, the money, don’t worry about a thing, there is no better family trip that one to the mountains, snowboards in tow. Now click that “book now” icon and thank us later!