Ways to Spend Quality Family Time Together

Spending time together as a family doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. There are lots of fun things you can do, and not all of these are expensive either. Here are some ideas.

Arts and crafts

Getting the family to be creative can be fun if it’s raining and you’re stuck indoors, or you’re looking for a cheap way to spend the day. Nobody has to create a masterpiece. The aim is more about spending time together and having fun.

You can also scan some of your children’s creations, like cards they have made or pictures they have painted. Or you might choose to use your photo-editing skills to incorporate these into other designs. If you choose to print out the finished work, you can make use of printer inks hp offers on replacement cartridges, or search for offers on compatible ink, depending on your particular printer model. So, whether you have a laser printer, inkjet or deskjet, you will find the best prices, and won’t have long to wait for delivery.

A hike and a meal

If you struggle to motivate your family to go on hikes or are just looking for a low-cost day out, why not take your family walking in a local woods, or national trust site? You can pack plenty of cold drinks to keep everyone hydrated, take lots of rest breaks and make your final stop at a nice café or restaurant where you can treat yourselves to a delicious meal.

Camp in the back garden

Camping in the back garden might not sound as exciting as a holiday, but it can get your youngest children used to camping, without you having to pay for petrol to transport your family and all your equipment to a camping site, then having to pay fees. Instead, you can buy a cheap but sturdy tent and any other equipment you choose, then spend the night in your back garden, knowing your home comforts aren’t too far away if you need them. For children, this can feel like an adventure, and for you, it shows whether going camping for real is something they might enjoy.

Go to the zoo

Going to the zoo can be a cheap day out if you look around for offers and book in advance. Although the food can bring up the cost, you should be able to bring your own lunch and find somewhere to sit and eat it. This can bring the costs down. It’s also educational for your children and can encourage them to learn and care about animals.

All good zoos take extremely good care of their animals, and often these would be in danger if they were in the wild. So, besides providing a cheap day out, the entrance fee goes towards taking care of the animals. Some of these are at risk of becoming extinct.

Days out with your family are more about the time you spend together without any distractions than the cost. So, there’s no need to make these too extravagant.