Portmeirion Water Garden Melamine Tableware Review

Portmeirion Water Garden melamine outdoor tableware review – I have been working hard all summer getting my garden looking the way I want it to (although there is still sooo much to do!).  So when I was offered the chance to review this beautiful outdoor dining set I jumped at the chance!  It’s made from melamine, so you can happily take them into the garden and if the kids drop them, they won’t break!  I say they won’t break, but what I mean is that they won’t break easily, I am sure given half the chance my son would manage it!  If you like the pattern but don’t want melamine, they also do the pattern in porcelain.

Portmeirion Water Garden Melamine Outdoor Tableware Review

They cost more money than I would normally spend on non-crockery plates, but the Portmeirion quality really shines through.  For a start you will be surprised at just how heavy these are.  They are really solid pieces and weigh almost as much as their indoor tableware counterparts.  Oh and they are dishwasher safe.  I really think they are investment pieces that will last a lifetime.

Portmeirion Water Garden Melamine Outdoor Tableware Review

Portmeirion Water Garden Melamine Outdoor Tableware

I made the most of the nice weather yesterday to have dinner in the garden.  Mr Wonders makes furniture and made our outdoor table many years ago with some off-cuts of old railway sleepers.  It’s too heavy to move anywhere but has a nice weathered rustic look.

Portmeirion Water Garden Melamine Outdoor Tableware Review

The pattern is ‘Portmeirion Water Garden’ and as I mentioned is also sold on regular porcelain crockery.  The dinner plates are 11″ wide, which is a good size – they also do an 8″ side plate that is completely covered in the pattern.

I am not sure you can completely appreciate the scale from my photo, but the salad bowls are HUGE!  They are 11″ wide, like the dinner plates, but really deep too.  Perfect for an enormous bowlful of buttery new potatoes I would say as well as salad.  

Finally we have the magnificent platters – I love these and they will be perfect for just about anything from a bread and cheese board, cooked meats or even cupcakes!  It’s a beautiful set and I am really pleased with it.  My only problem now is finding a home for it all (My name is Nikki and I have a tableware problem….!).

Portmeirion Water Garden

Portmeirion kindly sent me the Water Garden melamine set to review.  As always, all the opinions expressed are my own.