Otty Memory Foam Deluxe Pillows – Review

Otty Memory Foam Deluxe Pillows.   Otty launched in the ‘heart of Yorkshire’ in 2016 – and it’s always nice to support a Yorkshire company.  So I was pleased when we were sent a pair of Otty pillows to try out.

They are memory foam and very different to conventional pillows. To start with, they are very square, which is unusual, pillows are not normally so angular! They are also quite firm – but importantly, they are not hard, and they are so comfortable!

I have always wanted to try a more expensive pillow but it’s one of those purchases that are sometimes quite hard to justify to yourself. If you absolutely knew that this was the pillow for you, that it would give you a great nights sleep and would last then you would buy like a shot!  I have to say, that for me, the Otty pillow has turned out to be one of those pillows. I have been sleeping on it for about a month now and I absolutely love it.  As I mentioned, it’s quite firm but soft at the same time (pillow paradox!). Plus I only need one pillow when before I needed two.  I find it supports my head and neck and does not need turning or fluffing!

Otty Deluxe Pillows

It arrives beautifully packaged in it’s own smart box, none of this plastic bag packaging for the Otty pillow.  A few more Otty facts:

  • Made entirely from a unique thermostatic Cool Blue Gel-infused memory foam, the pillow moulds actively to your head and shoulders, and allows you to wake up feeling cool, calm and comfortable.
  • Invisible airflow perforations allow more heat to disperse during the night and means the pillow is the perfect companion to the OTTY mattress.
  • The pillows are hypo-allergenic, allowing a fresh sleeping experience and are perfect for anyone with dust or skin allergies.
  • The pillows feature machine-washable covers.
  • Pillows RRP at £54.99

My only criticism of it is the look of the shape, being so angular. I think a slightly padded pillow protector underneath my pillowcase will solve this though – and that is on my to-do list.  But on the whole, it gets a recommendation from me.  I can’t see me ever sleeping on any other pillow now.

We were invited to review our Otty pillows, but as always any opinions expressed are my own.