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SIT Watch

I always loved watches as a child and had a lovely little gold Seiko watch that my dad bought for me when we lived in Saudi Arabia.  It didn’t need batteries or to wind it as the movement of your wrist charged it.  (After I wrote that sentence I doubted myself and had to Google that was definitely a thing and the internet wasn’t going to laugh at me.  It is a thing – whether they are laughing at me is still up for debate).  I was only ten when I was bought it but the fact that I remember it so well stands testament to how important it was all those years ago (three decades and quite a bit of the fourth decade).  It went everywhere with me and I always knew exactly how late I was running because of it (and I always run late!).

Travellers usually want to travel light which is what makes a watch an excellent gift.  Or, what about gifting the traveller in your life an exciting adventure?

More recently I have relied on my phone to tell me the time.  But I have missed having a watch and the way it looks on my wrist.  I also miss checking how tanned my arm is by comparing the white bit underneath my watch to the rest of my arm!  I have been thinking that I would like a watch as an accessory too but one that has a bit more about it that just telling the time.  So, I was very happy to come across SIT Watches (Swiss Identity Time).  

The SIT watch is multi function and comes with two additional straps designed for different purposes.  The regular strap is a beautiful Italian leather strap and is very elegant and perfect for when you want to look smart.  But it also comes with a strap perfect for when you are travelling to countries with hot weather and strong sunshine. The logo on the strap will appear when sunlight is becoming too strong, and the darker the logo gets, the more intense risk of sunburn.   Although I must admit I prefer to sit in the shade with a good book, this is perfect to remind me to put on suntan lotions when we are exploring cities or old ruins.

The final strap is a Nato strap.  This is made of a material which will endure being sprayed with an anti-bug spray without damaging it.  I love this idea as when we head to the Caribbean and even in some parts of Europe I am completely eaten live by mosquitoes!  For some reason they absolutely love me, even though I hate them!

To give you a bit of info on the technical side of things.  There are two editions, a Swiss Made Edition and a Classic Edition.   Both watches show hours, minutes, seconds and the date, are made with mineral HR900 glass.  They each have a 316L Stainless Steel round 42mm case, with water resistance 5TAM.  The Classic Edition is Japan made with a white dial, a dark brown Italian made leather strap and black Nato strap.  The Italian strap on the Swiss Made Edition is light brown, the Nato strap is camo and the dial is black.

They both come in a beautiful presentation case – black aluminium for the Swiss Made Edition and silver aluminium for the Classic Edition.

I love how unique and adaptable SIT watches are.  The quality is excellent and I’d be proud to wear one. They rather make me think of James Bond watches with their multiple facets and useful gadgets!  Not only that, but they look really good when you are wearing one!


This post was written in collaboration with Swiss Identity Time –  SIT watches.  All opinions expressed are my own.




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