Koba London – Korean BBQ Restaurant Review

Koba London – Korean BBQ Restaurant Review – I was in London earlier this week and fancied something a little different. I knew I had found it when I came across Koba, a Korean BBQ restaurant (plus it was less than five minutes walk from the big Primark on Oxford Street, so win-win!).  I did a video of the table BBQ so you can see it in action!

Koba London

I love pretty much all Asian food, so was keen to try this. Also I was curious how the ‘table barbecue’ worked. I read the reviews and the only slight criticism seemed to be regarding the slightly dour service. I saw hints of this but a bit of Yorkshire charm soon sorted that out.

Koba restaurant London – Koba Menu

There was an a la carte menu and a more reasonably priced lunch menu to choose from. As we were visiting for a special occasion we plumped for the a la carte and went for the Kpba BBQ Selection. This meant that we got to try lots of different things like finely sliced rib eye steak, belly pork, chicken, baby octopus and prawns.

To begin with our server filled a twin dipping bowl with rock salt and sesame oil on one side and soy sauce on the other. Then, the barbecue was lit (it’s a gas one!). The cute little extractor fan pulled down, and we were ready to go! Our server brought a plate of meat and seafood to the table and the cooked it for us. They began with the rib eye steak, then moved that to the edge of the barbecue plate as they cooked the other items. We were invited to eat as they cooked.

I loved the theatre of Koba London as much as I loved all the different flavours. My favourite was the belly pork. I also loved the dipping sauces and barbecue sauce we were brought (the barbecue sauce is more of a soy sauce consistency than a ketchup one).

Koba Restaurant London is attractively decorated with darker colours and low lighting. Perfect for a date night. Our meal with rice accompaniment, a glass of white wine and a soft drink came to around £60.

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