Hollywood Bowl Leeds – What’s it Like?

Hollywood Bowl Leeds – Last week we visited the Hollywood Bowl in Kirkstall Leeds.  The kids love ten pin bowling and were keen to try somewhere different to our normal bowling place.  The Hollywood Bowl is much more modern than we are used to (I think ours could do with some money spending on it).  It has fabulous retro Hollywood style theming throughout.   

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Hollywood Bowl Leeds

We got to try the VIP bowling, which was rather a novelty. 

There are four lanes at the end that are the VIP lanes – these have walls around them and you can close your curtains for more privacy.  

The VIP lanes also have different ‘VIP’ bowling balls and coloured pins and a buzzer you can press and have food and drinks brought to your booth.

Hollywood Bowl Leeds

Miss H still uses the big metal thing that you send the balls down with (does anyone know what this is called?  A chute?  A guide?  Guide ramp? Anyway….).  But you can also set the lane bumpers to come up and down, depending on who is playing.  I give this a special mention as it’s really handy when you have kids with you, and our usual place does not have this.

Hollywood Bowl Leeds

We had two great games of bowling each – neither of which I won!  Then we moved to the diner for lunch.  You can eat in your VIP lane but I wanted us to sit around a table so we could chat, and I had seen the fab big circular booths in the diner.

Hollywood Bowl Leeds

We ordered burgers, chicken nuggets and chips.

As well as bowling at Hollywood Bowl in Leeds there are pool tables.

They also have an arcade where you can win tickets – which as you can imagine, mine loved!  I wish they had 2p falls machines though, I won’t let them play the 10p ones – they’d cost me a fortune!


We had a great day at Hollywood Bowl in Leeds.  The kids loved the VIP lanes and the bowling, I loved the Hollywood theming.  Make sure you check out the deals on the website for bargain offers.

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Hollywood Bowl invited us to visit and review.  As always, all the opinions expressed are my own.