Fairground Apartments Butlin’s Skegness – Review

We recently had a fabulous Butlin’s holiday in the school summer holidays in Skegness (read my full review here).   While there we stayed in the newly refurbished Fairground Apartments.  

Butlin’s are doing a great job of revamping their accommodation.  There are currently 7 classes of accommodation.  There are standard and silver rooms – where you have an ensuite room like in a hotel.  Then there are different standards of apartments.  These range from Standard to Silver and Gold.  We stayed before in a Gold apartment before the newer styles were done and it was very nice but we felt it could be more luxurious.  Last year Butlin’s created their new ‘Seaside Apartments’.  These are closest to the Skyline Pavilion and the main areas of the resort, plus they have huge balconies which must be fab to sit out on in the Summer. 

Butlin’s Fairground Apartments

We stayed in the Butlin’s Fairground Apartments which were only completed in 2017, in a jolly fairground theme.  Bright colours and cool lights.  They are located conveniently close to the fairgrounds too (as the name suggests!). 

What do you get in a Butlin’s Fairground Apartment?

We had a two bedroom apartment.  In our room there was a double bed, cabinets, wardrobe and built in dressing table and this lovely big flat screen TV.  The bed was surprisingly comfy too!


Butlin's Fairground Apartments Skegness - Review


The kids’ bedroom had twin beds and their own wardrobe and shelves.



The Kitchen and Living Room in Butlin’s Fairgound Apartments

This is the kitchen.  It was fully equipped with everything you would need including a cooker, fridge and microwave.  Maid service was included daily and they did a good job of cleaning, making beds and washing the pots.  



Opposite the kitchen there is a dining table.  We had the Premium Dining package (see my review of the food!) so didn’t really do any cooking.



Our living area was light and spacious.  The big L shaped sofa faced towards another flat screen TV and the large Juliet balcony overlooking the green and leafy area outside our apartment.


Butlin's Fairground Apartments Skegness - Review


Butlin’s Fairground Apartments Skegness – Review

The view from the Fairground apartment balcony:

Butlin's Fairground Apartments Skegness - Review

The shower room was clean and modern as you can see.

Butlin's Fairground Apartments Skegness - Review


One thing I absolutely have to complain about though, and this was my major negative of the whole trip – there is a fairground style wobbly mirror (here is a photo so you know what I am talking about….)


Butlin's Fairground Apartments Skegness - Review


It’s one of those that make you look short and wide.  I had to walk past this EVERY TIME I went to the bathroom or the loo.  Seriously Butlin’s, what were you thinking?  I am short and wide enough, could you not have installed one of the mirrors that make you look tall and thin?  Come on!!

Mirror aside, the Fairground Apartments were great, modern, clean and with everything you need for a lovely Butlin’s holiday.

Interested in exactly what was included in Butlin’s Premium Dining?  Have a look at all our food pictures!


Butlin’s Skegness invited us to stay and review, but as ever, all the opinions expressed are my own.

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