En Suite Bathroom? Turn It Into The Ultimate Relaxing Paradise

A designer bathroom is one thing. An en suite bathroom you can rely on for all your needs is a better thing. You can go through your early morning routine in there, meaning you just need to hop out of bed and you’re ready to shower and brush your teeth. Similarly, you can complete your bedtime routine the same way – just open the door and hop into bed! 


If you ever need some time and space to yourself, you can close the door to your en suite and shut the world out. You can then fill up the tub and slip in to luxuriate in some well deserved me time! An en suite is just the best thing when you’ve had to share bathrooms your whole life. 


But if you’ve just moved into a house where you finally have an en suite of your own, you’ll want to turn it into the ultimate relaxing paradise. 



Create a Design Flow Between Your Bedroom and Bathroom


Your en suite is going to feed into your bedroom and vice versa. Make sure the designs between the two don’t clash, at least by the doorway. You want the same sort of color scheme to flow into both, but once you’re deeper into each room, you can go a bit more wild with the decor you choose. 


Start with the floor and then work up the walls. The floor is going to be the most obvious clash between the two boundaries, so try a tile that looks like your bedroom hardwood or carpet. You can even tone the en suite by darkening the tile colors as they move into the room! 


Go Bold with Your Backsplash


A bold backsplash is an amazing addition to a bathroom. The brighter the colors, the deeper the tones, and the more experimental you want to be, the bolder your en suite will end up looking. Think about this when you’re trying to create a space that’s unlike any other in your house. 


The main bathroom can be more of a white and blue affair – it’s for communal use, and those tend to be the colors people like. But if you want to tile your en suite in something that feels closer to your own personality, or you want to have fun with a pattern, you have free reign to use the tiles you like here. 


Install a Small Wardrobe


If there’s space for a small wardrobe, you can invest in plenty of bathrobes, dressing gowns, and slippers, as well as hang your daily essentials such as vest tops or blouses within easy reach. This way you’ll always have clothes in the bathroom with you, and you’ll be able to get ready for work without needing to hop out and grab something again. Ease of use is very luxurious! 


Pull the Blinds


Blinds in the bathroom are better than curtains. Why? Because they tend to be waterproof, easier to clean without needing to take down, and can be moved much easier. All you need to do is use the cord to move them up and down – this can even be done from a reclining position in the bathtub. 


So think about installing bathroom blinds in your en suite for the best results. If it’s a sunny day and you don’t want the room to be roasting hot, but you’d still like a ray or two, blinds can be controlled much better than curtains. Use the cord to open them ever so slightly and you’re done! 


Add Plants and Decor You Want to See


Don’t let your en suite sit looking empty. You want there to be as many decorations in there as there is in your bedroom, if you’re living closer to maximalism than you are minimalism! Put your little trinkets in the window, cover the mirror in photo pegs, cover the sink in little ceramics and soaps, and have fun placing plants in every spare space you have. 


Plus, if you’ve got kids, you probably don’t want to leave anything too valuable in arm’s reach, just in case they pull it down and hurt themselves – or end up breaking a much loved sentimental statue or vase. But an en suite is private, and that means you can put up what you like. 


Use All the Space


Following on from the above point, if you’ve got a difficult corner where whitewashed walls are shining through, see if you can trim down some wood planks and create a mini shelving unit. If there’s space on either side of the bathtub that looks a bit too negative, fill one side with a combo seat table and the other with a tall plant. Use all the space for the most function out of an en suite – you may never want to leave again! 


Hang Up Some Pictures and Paintings


Empty wall space is an eyesore in all rooms. Don’t let your en suite be a victim of this as well. Fill up gaps between shelf fittings, hooks, and tile backsplash. If you’ve got a painted area that’s doing nothing else, get a hammer and a nail and a framed picture you like and put it up. Create a gallery wall themed around a certain idea, such as nature, or something more specific like birds. Remember, the more you like walking into the bathroom, the more you’re going to feel at home there. 


Keep Your Best Flannels and Towels Here


Don’t let the softest, fluffiest towels linger in the main bathroom. Bring them into the en suite for use by you and your partner alone! Make sure there are quality bathroom items available, of course, but save the best for when you want to use them. Install some hooks on your walls for easy hanging space that you can reach no matter where you are in the bathroom, and if a towel goes missing, you’ll instantly know about it! 


Don’t Forget About the Ceiling!


For ultimate luxury, go all out and paint/decorate the ceiling as well. Give it a bit more depth by adding some color, or using it as a space to experiment. If you want stripes and hearts on the ceiling, pick up your paintbrush, grab some pink, red, and yellow paint, then get up a ladder and draw your template. Once you’re happy with it, fill it in with color and marvel at how it’s transformed your en suite into the ultimate me time space. And you can do this with any pattern! 


Add an Extra Window


Extra windows are great for bathroom spaces. You want to maintain a sense of privacy, of course, so either keep the window small or invest in some good blinds. But at the same time, your en suite could benefit a lot from having some more natural light and a bigger view into the outdoors. 


If you’re dealing with a no light bathroom, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to just knock a new window in to add more natural illumination. But could you add a skylight? If you’re on the second floor, or the bathroom already juts out from an extension, could you fit a window into the ceiling? It’ll add a super luxurious look if you can! 


Creating a relaxing en suite can be daunting. How do you make sure it’s a different space to the bathroom downstairs or down the hall? How do you make sure it feels like you? You use tips like these!