Local Business Shares Cost Effective Ways to Achieve a Designer Bathroom

Here are some tips and hints that will enable you to get a luxurious designer bathroom for a fraction of what you might expect to pay!


Ask for Discount


This is such an obvious way to pay less for your bathroom, but many people are embarrassed about asking for money off anything, even if they know there is a deal there for the taking! Instead of a bald, ‘Can I have a discount?’ which could be humiliating if the answer is a flat, ‘No!’ try asking, ‘Did I see that there is a discount campaign…?’ or ‘Do you have any deals on at the moment?’ It seems a shame to pay more than you should, simply because you feel awkward for asking!


Get Some Ideas


Go to a nearby bathroom showroom and see what the latest fashions and designs in bathrooms are out there. You may find a new ideal bathroom, or get ideas for transforming your current set-up and all for less than you might think. And you might even be able to afford a new bathroom without having to compromise! The best designers get designer bathrooms in Harrogate from My Bathroom for great prices!


Change the Bad, Keep the Good


Have a good look at your unsatisfactory bathroom and work out which parts of it are letting you down. If it is the tiles, change just the tiles – or paint them your favourite colour! If it is the walls, have them painted or wallpapered with special bathroom proof products for a silky finish and infusion of luxury. If it is the old-fashioned or overly plain fittings, then change those! With each improvement, you will find yourself learning to love your bathroom again, and soon you will have the designer bathroom of your dreams!


Think Dispensers


Dispense with a lot of bottles and tubes cluttering up the sides of the bath and basin and install sleek dispensers instead. Fitted to the wall, these take up very little space, are easy to clean and to refill, and they do away with the need for clutter in your bathroom. Most designer bathrooms look fantastic simply because there is no clutter! It is hidden behind mirrored cabinets, or on shelves behind discreet sliding doors, or neatly arrayed in dispensers! An added advantage is that you always know exactly where the conditioner is when you are washing your hair and battling the shampoo bubbles!


A designer bathroom is a combination of high quality products and excellent taste, the latter assembling the former in a way that is most practical and aesthetically pleasing to most, if not all people! Use the tips above to work out whether you need to just change one or two things in your bathroom or all of it, and then set to work planning your ideal designer bathroom.