Avli – Lunch at the Beach in Stoupa, Greece

We had lunch a couple of times in Avli on our recent trip to Stoupa in the Peloponnese region of Greece. It was during the Easter holidays so fairly quiet and not all the restaurants were open during the day.

Easter Holidays

We liked the look of Avli with its very Greek looking blue and white themed decor. We sat overlooking the beach, a lovely place to rest and watch the world go by.

avli taverna restaurant in Stoupa (3)

Chicken Souvlaki at Avli

I ordered chicken souvlaki and chips, a perennial favourite of chicken marinated in herbs and garlic, set on a skewer with onions and peppers before being grilled. There is usually olive oil and lemon involved too.

avli restaurant in stoupa

Greek Cats

As in many Greek villages, there are plenty of stray cats. We all love cats, and the children love to pet them. This one came and saw us a couple of times. I don’t think it will be long till she has kittens. I do find it sad to see all the stray cats, and wish we could take them all home.

avli taverna restaurant in Stoupa (3)

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