When it comes to enjoying your new pool, it isn’t as easy as filling it up and jumping in. Although many people do – it’s not the best way to have a safe and hygienic swim. A swimming pool has a careful balance of chemicals and salts to ensure the water is clean. And, it needs regular cleaning too. Here are just a couple of considerations when it comes to having a new pool. 


Water Levels

Everything about healthy pool water hinges on having a good water level. If the water levels drop too low, the balance of the chemicals in the water will be thrown off, too. Some pools are built with an indication line so that you have visual help for how much water you need to add. 


It’s not just that, though; the height of the water needs to be maintained because the pumps and filters need a specific amount of water to work at their best. 

Pool Filter 

The gorgeous clear water is more than a little welcoming, but if you forget to keep your pool filter clean and replace any filters when needed, that gorgeous water won’t last very long. 


The pool filter is one of the three key components to having clean and healthy water. There are a couple of signs that you can look for: clogged drains and a strange smell, or if you notice a bit more light debris than normal. 


Some filters will need to be backwashed and may only need to be checked every 4-6 months; other smaller filters might need more regular attention. 


Chlorine isn’t the only chemical that you’ll need to keep an eye on; it is the one that does the heavy lifting when it comes to making sure your pool is germ-free. You might also be advised to do a chlorine shock to a new pool or one that is struggling with chlorine levels. 


This bumper amount of chlorine will help get your pool to the right levels. And, if you’ve been thinking about a salt-water pool, they need chlorine, too, because it is the best and most important cleansing solution for pools of all types. 


It is good to remember that chlorine doesn’t kill all pool germs immediately; you will have to work on it a little bit. 

Cleaning schedule 

Great pools have an exceptionally well-regimented cleaning schedule. And it’s not just a basic scoop of the leaves. A lot of work goes into that sparkling water, and since it isn’t something that everyone has the time (or wants) to do, a pool cleaning service will mean you never, ever skip out on the clean, and your pool is always in the best condition. 

Along with the deeper cleaning, a daily clean is important if you are using the pool often. 


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