10 Ways To Make Your Back Garden More Relaxing 

Spending time outdoors provides several benefits, including boosting your mental health, encouraging physical activity, and improving your sleep. According to research, spending two hours weekly outside benefits your well-being. The finding suggests that individuals who spend at least 120 minutes weekly in nature are more likely to report good health than those who don’t. You can find many ways to increase your outdoor time, including making your back garden more appealing. Below are ten things you can do to create a relaxing outdoor space.

  • Declutter the area




Pruning your overgrown hedges and plants and relocating your kids’ play equipment is a great place to start. If your kids have outgrown their play items, consider giving them out to create more space outdoors. It is common to see broken household items like furniture sitting outside. But they don’t belong in your yard unless you plan to recycle them. You can bring more transformation to your back garden if you eliminate everything and start from scratch. Clutter conceals your outdoor living area’s potential, while decluttering allows you to see the space in a different light and think of the best transformation ideas to bring. 

  • Add a water feature 


A swimming pool can be a terrific water feature in your back garden. This step can be expensive, yet the opportunity to exercise and cool off in the privacy of your outdoor space is worth it. The sight and sound of running water possess a therapeutic and calming effect. Suppose you don’t have enough space or funds to permit adding a swimming pool. Consider other water features such as a fountain, garden pond, birth bath or hot tub. The hot tub’s warm water and bubbles can be very soothing. 

  • Bring in the comfy seating 


Seating is a good way to get you to spend more time outdoors. You can make your back garden more comfortable by introducing a lounge chair, chaise lounges, or loungers that allow you to stretch by the pool, under a sunshade, or on a deck. It is almost impossible to spend time outside if your seating isn’t comfortable. You can also swap your usual benches and chairs for hanging chairs. Although the latter are more comfortable, they are more suited to adults, especially when hanging around a table or over a fire pit. 

  • Create the right landscaping 


It is one thing to create a landscape and another to have a properly planned one with foliage that looks perfect in its natural setting. The right landscaping can set the mood or theme and bring nostalgia from an earlier holiday destination. Imagine creating a landscape that reminds you of a recent trip to the gorgeous gardens in Costwolds or Kent. To achieve this, select various plants suitable for your region’s weather. Blend your region’s natives with vines, trees, shrubs and perennials that adapt well to the climate. You may also throw in some unusual plants to add to the mix. Meanwhile, versatile plants like tulip bulbs can add more colour to your garden and open areas. 

  • Add hammocks 



Hammocks can easily pass as a must-have in every back garden. They are so relaxing that you can barely last a moment without dozing off. Hammocks are versatile and come in multiple shapes, styles and sizes, meaning you can install them in many ways. If you are a handyman, you can craft one; your kids and family would love it. You can also find several inspirations online if you can’t figure out where to begin. 

  • Build a pergola 


Pergolas can add adaptable shade and sun protection to your backyard. Designing your own pergola can allow you the choice of including more sun and shade, depending on your available space. Pergolas are ideal for hosting visitors and relaxing with your family. In addition to adding comfy seating with benches, sofas, and sectionals, you can guide climbing plants to adhere to the columns to create a green canopy. 

  • Add privacy to your garden


Privacy is the one thing every homeowner wants in their back garden. It is crucial for achieving a calming outdoor space. You can divide and seclude the area using walls, screens and fences. Raising a fence to a suitable height offers a sense of surprise and mystery when you move around in the setting. You can also use overhead roofs and arbours to bring a touch of quiet and give necessary shade. You may select thick bushes, bamboo, tall shrubs and hedges if you want your space to feel more natural. Meanwhile, research suggests that adding privacy to your garden can increase the property value by at least 20%. 

  • Improve your outdoor lighting


Installing the right outdoor lighting in your outdoor space can make the area more welcoming while ensuring it’s safe. You can include night lights and lanterns in your already existing fixtures. Battery-powered flameless candles can create the right mood without overwhelming the area. While the soft glow is inviting, hanging a few lights off your tree branches and adding small string lighting and line lanterns to your seating area can bring ambience to the backyard. 

  • Install a fire pit


A fireplace, fire pit, or chiminea can instantly bring warmth to your backyard, particularly in the evening or cooler periods. Conversing with your family, friends, and loved ones is calming beside a fireplace. Imagine cuddling your significant other while staring at the fires with a glass of your favourite wine. Fortunately, several affordable firepit models can create a comfy outdoor seating area. Remember to install it away from any structures, including the top of your wooden deck and under your roofing. 

  • Create a little space for outdoor cooking



 It is easy to feel trapped and bored when you are stuck in the kitchen cooking, and all the action is happening outside. Your home can be more enjoyable with a small outdoor cooking space. Having a designated area outside for this is practical if you frequently host parties outdoors. You can start with a small cooking space and a standalone grill and later include other features like bars with sinks to rival any indoor kitchen. 


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