Should You Invest In A Lean-To? Yes, Of Course You Should’

Lean-tos sound a little – how should we put it? – cheap! But they can be one of the best investments you ever make in your property. Why? Well, you’re about the find out. This post explores some of the reasons people invest in lean-tos and whether you should join them. 



They Are Cost-Effective


Perhaps the main reason for investing in a lean-to is that it’s cost-effective. It’s one of the most potent ways to add value to your home, providing you with additional covered space at a low cost. 


Most people use cheap corrugated roofing sheets and a single brick or wooden wall to construct a lean-to. This way, they can avoid using expensive tiles or having to install multiple roof girders. 


They Can Look Good


New lean-tos can also look good if you design them properly. Not only are there many different designs but you can also use them to make your home appear more symmetrical and welcoming.


They Require Minimal Maintenance


Lean-tos also have the advantage of requiring less maintenance than you might think. Most only require you to wash the room periodically to remove grime and add a new coat of paint to the exterior walls once every two years or so.


They Add Value To Your Property


They also make your home more valuable and provide you with a substantial return on investment. Unlike regular extensions which cost a small fortune to build, lean-tos are much cheaper to put up. However, they offer buyers similar utility, encouraging them to pay more when you sell


Well-designed and constructed lean-tos are even more likely to help you fetch a higher price for your property. When done properly, they can add significant value at a low cost. 


They Are Easy To Install


Another reason to consider investing in lean-tos is the fact that they hardly take any time to put up. You can add new space to your home rapidly without waiting months for contractors to finish a regular extension. 


Lean-to construction usually involves digging a small foundation for the opposing wall, erecting it, and then putting the roof in place. You can then fit the front and rear with doors and windows. 


Construction should only take a couple of weeks for a standard lean-to, and perhaps a little longer for a larger one. The main work, believe it or not, is decorating the interior. That tends to take a little longer. 


They Protect Your Vehicles


Lean-tos might not be the best structures for protecting valuables, but they can be great for your vehicles. They can act a bit like carports if you build them large enough, providing you with the additional space you need. Lean-tos are particularly popular among classic car enthusiasts because of how cheap they are to put up, and the fact they keep the rain off old rust buckets. 


You Can Use Them For Just About Anything


Lastly, lean-tos are popular because you can use them for just about anything. They are an inexpensive way to provide a space for your hobby or whatever you want. 

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