Nexus Floor Tiles from Porcelain Superstore Review – AD

Now you probably already know that we’ve been building a kitchen extension for some time now, but Mr. Wonders has been building it on his own so it’s no wonder it’s taking a while.

Does anyone here remember Petrocelli? It was a 1970’s detective program in which the lead character – Petrocelli was building a house but it never ever got finished. In fairness, I was born in the early 70s so I have no idea why I know this. I can only assume that my parents watched repeats! But when I think of our kitchen extension, I often think of poor Petrocelli and his half finished house!

We are however, on the final run of the kitchen extension marathon. Mr W is currently plastering and then the next stage is to move everything out of the kitchen (which I am not looking forward to as it’s difficult enough cooking etc now).  After that we can get the floor levelled, the underfloor heating put in and finally the floor tiled.


Porcelain Warehouse Review


It’s the floor tiles that I’m here to talk about today. We spent ages looking for just the right tile for the kitchen and in the end found a perfect 60 cm by 60 cm porcelain tile from Porcelain Superstore. Although the tile is called Nexus White, it is in fact quite a pale grey and emulates the look of polished concrete.

Porcelain Warehouse Review


They really are very large tiles with a 10.5mm depth and even just one is very heavy so you can really feel the quality of them. If you have bifold doors or just want to continue the inside theme outside, they do have the same style but in 2cm thick for outdoor tiling. 

I’ve taken some photos so you can get an idea, but I will update the post when the floor is finally properly laid and you can really get a feel for how they look.


Porcelain Warehouse Review


Many thanks to Porcelain Superstore for helping out with this post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.