How to make an intro for my YouTube channel?

The main platform where intro videos are used is YouTube. You will often see YouTubers introduce themselves and their channels in a short, introductory video that seems to get the point across. Do you want to be able to make such a video as well? If the answer is yes, you do not need to go any further since we have gathered all the important information for you! If you have a YouTube channel, you want people to know what it’s about and know all your relevant details.

Sign up with a program and log in

The first step to making an intro video for a YouTube channel is to sign up with an intro maker program. Please do your research and find out which intro maker platform is the best for you, and then make an account with it. For most of these programs, you will need to get a subscription or pay some minimal fee for their services. Once you have done these preliminary steps, you can log into your account and start editing.

Gather your pictures and videos

Before you start putting together your intro video, gather whatever videos or pictures you want to use in order. The intro maker will not make the video for yourself, so you need to record your videos or pictures with a phone or camera. Save or upload these pictures on the computer where you want to do all your editing. Ensure that the videos you want to use are of good quality and aren’t looking grainy. If you feel as if something is lacking, do not feel to re-record as well.

Choose a template

Any intro maker will have some pre-made templates for you to choose from. These templates will allow you to place your ready-made pictures and videos into a set order, converting random videos into a full-flowing intro video! However, when you are making a YouTube intro video, you should remember a few things. First of all, make sure that the name of your channel appears clearly throughout the video.

Secondly, place a link to subscribe to your channel at a prominent place so that your audience knows where to click and where they can get updates about your channel. Lastly, be sure to mention the name of your channel as well. It may seem extra to do so since the name is already written in several different places, but trust us, hearing a name can make it easier to remember than just reading it.

What is the music going to be like?

The next step in making a YouTube intro video is to pick suitable music. A good intro maker platform will usually have some tracks available, which you can insert in your video. However, if you have a special channel and want to put up your music, check if your intro maker platform supports the option of uploading your music.

Be careful while choosing the music since you do not want it to appear out of place. If you think that you do not need any music, that’s perfectly alright as well! While music can make your YouTube intro more memorable, some intro videos are fine without music as well.