How Technology Is Changing Life at Home in Yorkshire

It’s clear that emerging technology is changing many aspects of the modern world, but some changes aren’t completely clear to us until they affect us at home. Therefore, a look at how major changes are reaching us at home in Yorkshire may help to show the way forward.


Robot Deliveries in Wakefield

The idea of robots or drones carrying out home deliveries has been around for some time, but it’s now coming true in Wakefield. A new partnership between the local council, Starship Technologies, and Co-op means that autonomous grocery deliveries will be available to other 6,000 households in the area, who can use a special Starship delivery app for fast and convenient delivery by a robot.

Councillor Matthew Morley called it an environmentally-friendly option as the robots are zero-emission and it can help people to order exactly what they need without leaving home. Chris Conway is eCommerce Director at Co-op, and he said that the convenient locations of their stores mean that they are a good choice for an autonomous home delivery service like this.

AI for Business

There are so many practical applications for AI in business, just check out Industrial Vision Systems for ideas.  While AI can never really replace people, it can speed up systems.

Finding a New Home with a 3D Tour

Buying a new-build home in Yorkshire is something else that’s about to get easier thanks to the latest 3D technology. East Yorkshire housebuilding company Beal Homes has recently decided to work with the Welsh technology firm Futurium to give potential customers a guided tour of their new property.

This is the first time a Yorkshire builder has used the Futurium platform and it will let customers choose the exact plot they want even before the construction work there has begun. Known as the iX3D system, it’s been introduced to the Beal Showroom at the Bridgehead business park in Hessle. Beal sales operations manager Jamie Barrington called the technology “transformational” and suggested that customer feedback to date has been positive.  


Carrying Out Hobbies at Homes

While some Wakefield residents will soon be ordering grocery deliveries via a robot and some people might buy their house in Yorkshire after a 3D tour, the emergence of home-based hobbies is a more visible change that more people are likely to have already experienced in one way or another.  

The emergence of online gambling games such as bingo and slots has helped make them easier for more people to play now, with the example of the Action Bank slot showing how diverse this sector has become. While it looks similar to the classic slot format, features such as free spins and the Big Bank Bonus help to add variety, with other slots on different themes adding to a vibrant industry.

Other hobbies that have moved online include making videos, writing stories, and making art. The introduction of artificial intelligence has led to new opportunities for artists, with North Yorkshire artist Jason Ferdinando among those who have been showing the world how anyone can use artificial intelligence to create stunning pieces of art.

These are just a few of the ways that technology has entered Yorkshire homes, and it’s something that we can expect to see a lot more of in the future too.  


This post was featured by Twinkl in their Tech Trends article