Creating Some ‘Me’ Space In Your Summer Garden

Now we’ve landed in May, it’s time to get your garden ready for summer. Yes, now the sun is out on a permanent basis and there’s only a few drops of rain here and there, you need to dig into the soil and plant some new things! And while you’re at it, why not create a ‘me’ space you can retreat to once you’re done? Somewhere a bit private where you can read a book or sip a cocktail on the weekends? If that sounds right up your street, here are some tips for making it happen. 



Close in Private Space with Plants


The garden should be green and colourful and diverse as possible for the bugs and the birds. However, it should also be a nice, quiet, and private space for you too. That means planting as many different kinds of plants as you like, as long as some of them are tall or can ‘creep’ their way up a fence or wall. You can then build out from there with smaller plants or features, like water stands and rock formations, to create a living and breathing garden space. 


Check on Your Conservatory Insulation


If you’ve got a conservatory that juts out into the garden, now’s the perfect time to double check it’s insulated well! If it is, you’ll have the perfect space to spend time in during the summer without getting burnt or suffering from heat stroke. 


If not, you may want to invest in Tiled Replacement Roofs (Ultraroof) or even get some new coverings for the windows. Conservatories can get pretty hot during the middle months of the year, and you don’t want to make your home an unbearingly hot place to live. Remember, this warm air will waft in and cause problems everywhere! 


Install Plenty of Shade


Shade is going to be needed during the summer, especially if you want to host gatherings in your ‘me’ space. And if you don’t have a conservatory or any other kind of extension, this is where you make an insulated space using nature’s materials. 


Use trees and tall plants, like we mentioned earlier, as well as man-made structures like awnings, pergola, or a pagoda. Once again you can wrap plants around these and allow them to grow over it, but you can also block out the worst of the sun when it’s at the highest point in the sky. Clear a good amount of space before fitting any of these – you’ll need a bit more free lawn than you might think! 


Add Cosy Decorations


Finally, make sure your ‘me’ area is a good place to be with a few cozy decorations. Little garden gnomes and other ceramics, fans and parasols, as well as chairs and a coffee table you can rest your feet on. You could also try to fit a hammock in there if you’re ambitious!


A summer garden needs to be designed for you too! Enjoy the space by focusing on these elements.