Bring on the Bollywood – York Theatre Royal – Review

We saw Bring on the Bollywood last night at the York Theatre Royal and we loved it!  It was a heady mix of music and dance, with a funny story-line and lots of laugh out loud one liners.  Think traditional musical meets Bollywood with a bit of Strictly Come Dancing thrown in!

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York Theatre Royal

The central character, Katrina, a sassy, Champagne loving doctor, returns home to India for her younger brother’s wedding after ten years of working in London.  Her mother is disappointed that Katrina has reached her thirties and is still not married.  Her brother is more in love with his biceps than his fiancée, while his fiancée loves somebody else entirely!  The tale unfolds to reveal new loves and old loves muddled together.

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There were elements with an almost Shakespearean comedy feel, reminding me of a pleasing cross between A Midsummer Night’s Dream (mixed up lovers) and The Taming of the Shrew (with Katrina being the feisty Katherine).  Oh, and with the addition of Bollywood style dancing – lots of Bollywood style dancing!

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Bring on the Bollywood

I loved the costumes with their twinkling, glittered borders and details.  The saris were fabulous, jewel like colours that sparkled as the dancers twirled. A complete feast for the senses.  We came out happy and singing the signature Bring on the Bollywood – which I think is a testament to how much we enjoyed it!

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