AD| Spring Cleaning and Getting the House Sorted!

When Very asked me to talk to you about spring cleaning, I jumped at the chance.  Not because I am a Mrs Hinch style cleaner, but because I am rather on the other end of the scale!  I think the single biggest contributor to the mess in our house (other than the kids of course!) is the fact that we have little storage and the storage we do have is badly organised.  So, this has meant a good opportunity to get things sorted out!



I love these plastic storage crates, they are so useful for all sorts of things, from kids toys to storing tools.  We are slowly replacing all the cardboard boxes and ancient, decrepit chest of drawers in Mr W’s workshops with them.  Our main issue is that he is terrible at losing things.  We often have several instances of the same tool because he has lost a previous one.  The original eventually turns up in a random spot, but by that time it is too late and he has bought another.  Getting organised and having a place for everything will not only save us time, it will save us money too!  Now all I need to do it persuade him to actually put his tools in the correct boxes! One hurdle at a time…!



This is a great space saving item, it’s a wash basket that not only looks good, it also folds flat when not in use.  To be fair, in our house this will be constantly in use and never folded flat, but we can but dream.  On a side note, it is sturdy and stays up on its own, I was worried it might collapse around the washing unless you were carrying it, but as you can see from the photo, it does not.




How about this for a cute seagrass basket?  I bought it to store loo rolls for the bathroom, but the cat got in there before I had even unpackaged it properly! 



It would be perfect for kindling too, if, like us you have a real fire or a wood burning stove.  I also think this would be great for small toys like Lego or little cars.



Finally, not storage related, but very much cleaning related, we ordered this fab electric mop.  I am all about gadgets and gadgets that take the drudgery out of cleaning are the best!  Officially, this is a AirCraft PowerGlide Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner.  In a nutshell, it has two revolving pads (each the size of a large side plate), that rotate (think ‘wax on, wax off’ from The Karate Kid but without the actual effort). 



It also has a reservoir where you can add water or floor cleaner which can then be squirted where you are about to mop.  (Once you turn the mop on it becomes light and easily glides cleaning as it goes.  It really does clean, by the way, even the filthy bits!  The pads then can be easily removed the thrown in the wash (eco friendly and easy to do).


The pads for the AirCraft mop.



We were invited to review and write about these products.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.









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