7 Ways To Extend Your Living Space 

Your living space will always be the highlight of your home. It’s where you gather everyone to have fun or share conversations. However, if you’re anticipating a large party to enter your home, you might not have enough space to accommodate everyone. A crowded room may make your guests feel uncomfortable. So, to make their stay a total bliss, you should consider extending your living space.   

Extending your living space is a great way to accommodate more people comfortably and make it look and feel more open and neat. It gives you more room to move around and add extra seating, if you may. To help you out, below are some ways you can extend your living space:  

  • Add A Conservatory 

Adding a conservatory is a great way to extend your home’s living space while inviting as much natural light as possible. It’s where you let in the beauty of nature without having to step foot outside but enjoy the beauty of it. The difference between conservatory and extension is that a conservatory mainly uses a glass roof and walls and serves as an indoor garden, a play area for the kids, or just a small area people can hang around. To make the space look more relaxing, you can add plenty of plants around the walls and make it more in touch with nature.    

  • Construct An Extension 

If you’d like a much sturdier structure when extending your living space, why not just create an actual extension for your home? This way, you can expand your living space by pushing your walls until the end of your property lot and allowing yourself to enjoy as much space as possible. You can match your interiors and exteriors for your extension to achieve a seamless look. While this might be a bit more expensive and intensive, it’ll surely help to increase your usable living space.    

However, remember that when constructing an extension for your home, it’s essential to have the right tools to make the job easier and ensure a smooth and professional finish. This includes a hammer and chisel, a drill driver, and especially safety gear.  One tool that can be particularly useful is a metal chop saw. This type of saw is perfect for cutting metal materials, such as steel beams, often used in home extensions. It can make the cutting process much faster and more precise than a traditional hand saw, helping to ensure that your extension fits together correctly and looks great.


  • Create A Porch 

A great alternative to extending your existing home is by creating a porch. If your guests prefer to hang outside and enjoy the beauty of your front yard, this is an excellent option. It can also be beneficial if you love drinking a cup of coffee outdoors and allowing yourself to be in a different environment. You can even add a beautiful seating area to make it look more inviting. Moreover, adding a porch can also help to increase your home’s property value, which would surely be a bang for the buck.     

  • Transform Your Basement 

A basement is typically used as a storage area for most homes. While it might help you to store your items, it’ll be a waste if you don’t put them to good use. If you have a basement you don’t use, then transforming it as an extension of your living space would be a great idea. This way, you don’t have to manipulate your home’s structure but maximize what you already have. It can also be cost-effective as you only need to do some interior repairs, and it should be able to be your next living space.   

  • Add A Bay Window 

If you’re looking for a way to softly extend your living space without doing extensive construction, adding a bay window would be a great idea. This way, you can slightly push your walls to create a large set of windows, forming a half-hexagon shape. It can make a small bump on your exterior while giving you additional indoor seating. You typically see this as a reading nook since it provides a relaxing environment for anyone who hangs out in it. It will be a great way to add a few seating spaces without manipulating your entire home’s structure.        

  • Replace Walls With Glass Doors 

If your home has access to your backyard, you might want to consider connecting your home to the outdoors. While there’s a door that can help you go through your backyard, replacing your entire backside walls with sliding glass can help to make it look more open. Besides, you can easily slide your walls to the side and let your backyard and living room, dining room, or kitchen be more connected. You can even use the same flooring for your outdoors for a seamless look.   

  • Add Another Floor 

If you no longer have any extra lot area to work around with or your basement is currently in use, you might consider adding another floor to your home. However, this might be an expensive option as it’ll involve constructing your entire home. But this is a guaranteed way you can extend your living space. You can have many rooms on your new floor or leave it open. If you’re planning to go with this option, you need to confirm with an engineer if your home’s structure can accommodate the added weight or if you should look for a different option.  


There are plenty of ways you can extend your living space. Doing this allows you to comfortably accommodate many people and improve your home’s moveable area. While some options might be expensive, they’ll surely be worth it as they can increase your home’s value and improve its appearance.   



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