How To Create A Charming Seating Area In Your Garden

Having a garden is lovely as you can enjoy some time outdoors without actually leaving the privacy of your home. Having this space is great but it loses its value if you do not have an appropriate seating area where you and your loved ones can sit around and spend time together. There’s a range of different ways you can create a great space in your outdoor area without breaking the bank. 



This article will advise you on how to create a charming seating area in your garden, where you can either have some time alone or with your family, no matter the weather. 

Invest in Outdoor Furniture 

If you want to create a seating area, the first thing you will need is furniture. Evidently, this cannot be the same type of furniture that you would use indoors, considering that the items would be exposed to rain, sun, snow, high amounts of dust, and potential animals. There is appropriate furniture that is suitable to be exposed to these conditions and it will last a long time, as long as you look after it properly. Since your main focus is a seating area, you should definitely think about purchasing comfortable seats and potentially a center table.

Decorate the Place

A seating area does not only have to be about the seats. If an area is nicely decorated, the comfort levels automatically increase. Adding a few plants and flowers on display, some garden mirrors, and other ornaments will make a massive positive difference to the overall look of the area. In addition to this, think about lighting as well. You may not only use the seating area during the day, therefore make sure that there is good lighting so that you can enjoy the outdoors after the sun has set. Investing in solar lamps is an efficient and cheap way to achieve this. 

Have a Designated Area

Before you start building the seating area in your garden, make sure that you know exactly where you plan on creating this space. This is essential regardless of the size of your garden. Making the garden look like a living room outside may not be the best look unless this is what you are hoping to achieve specifically. Having a little corner in the garden where you can create the seating area will make it cozier and it will still leave you with space outdoors to do whatever you wish. 

Create Shade

Being outdoors is amazing, particularly when the sun is shining. However, you may think differently when in the peak of Summer as the burning sun rays hit your skin. Think about ways to create shade in the seating area, so that you can enjoy it even as the temperatures rise. It is suggested you look at DIY Garden’s best recommended cantilever parasols as an idea of how to create shade above your seating area. This will not only increase the comfort levels but will also improve the overall charming look of your seating area. 

Build This Around a Fireplace

Can you think of anything better than sitting outdoors with loved ones around a fireplace? Building a fireplace in your garden is easier than you may think and it will give you a point of focus in the area. Use your fireplace to build the rest of the seating space around it. This will also ensure that you stay warm on cold nights. 

Make it Private

Being outdoors with loved ones is great but it may be awkward if you share your fence with a few neighbors, as you lose your sense of privacy. You should have this factor into consideration whenever deciding where your seating area will be created. If there is a place that is considerably more private, then you should create a seating area here. If this is not the case, then think about investing in a taller fence, if possible. Purchasing appropriate garden screens is another method to keep nosy neighbors away. 

Consider the Cold Weather 

Being out enjoying your seating area should not just be done when the warmer days arrive. It is possible for you to sit in this area when the temperatures lower. However, you may need to take appropriate precautions to ensure that you stay warm, especially if you live in a particularly cold area. Getting a few patio heaters may be just what you need to keep everyone warm and cozy. This will also add an extra charm to the seating area. 


Creating a cozy seating area in your garden is easier than you may think. Make sure to consider some of the tips discussed above to help you create a charming seating area in your garden that everyone will love.