7 Funny Ideas for Celebrating a Co-Worker’s Birthday in Your Office

When you work in an office long enough, your coworkers become your friends. Then a little longer, they become your family away from family. As they should be, you spend so much time with them! So when it comes to their birthdays, you should do something fun.


Yes, you can do the usual; decorating, party hats, cakes, and gifts, but we think you owe them a little more than the mundane. Office pranks, like fake firings, amp up the atmosphere in the workroom. So if you’re planning something, consider these seven funny ideas for celebrating Co-Workers’ birthdays in your office.

1.                Fake Firing

Do you remember the scene from the show, The Office (US), when regional manager Michael Scott fake fires receptionist Pam Beesley?


Well, we’re not going to aim for how that went. Be more subtle instead. Leave a note on your coworker’s desk from your boss or have them be called into the conference or break room sternly. You can also take it up a notch and treat them like they are due serious news. Whisper under your breath around them, pass sympathetic looks; you know the drill!


Then as they walk into the conference room, assuming you already have it decorated, watch them go from being scared to completely surprised. Now that will be a birthday surprise they surely never saw coming!

2.                Balloon Galore

Fill their desk or room with balloons. Blow balloons so they can’t open the door or walk. If they work at their desk or cubicle, fill their drawers with mini balloons, tie them to their chairs, and stick them on their computer.

It is slightly annoying, but you can’t get too mad at balloons on your birthday now, can you?


You can leave a gift on their table once they can get through the balloon flood. Maybe you could wrap some balloons for them as a gift!

3.                Shower Them, Literally

Another fun way to mess with your coworkers is having everybody in the office swing by their desk every 5 minutes and wish them a happy birthday. Like really, every 5 minutes, someone will walk by their workstation and wish them.


They will appreciate the greetings and attention the first few times, but it will get on their nerves after a while. Thankfully you can let them know it is a prank and give them their proper birthday party and gift. So it doesn’t hurt to wind them up a bit at first!

4.                Funny Gifts

You could always give them something amusing! Funny gifts are always a good idea, and opening them at the office will be so much fun! Give weird and fun gifts for their birthdays, yankee swap and dirty santa ideas, and make their special day unforgettable!  It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, as long as it’s a pretty funny gift! For example, you might decide to buy them some HP ink cartridges if they use the printer a lot as this is funny without being too embarrassing.

5.                A Fake-Out

One fun activity you can do on your coworker’s birthday is a fake out. This means you can pretend to forget their birthdays and go on with your day as usual. Drop hints about the day being special, but quickly refer to something else when your coworker partakes in the conversation.


For example, say, “Oh I forgot today is a special day!” When their eyes light up thinking you’re talking about them, let another coworker respond with something like, “It’s national count your buttons day!” (It’s real)


This can be harsh, so make sure to plan a party that is worth this fake rudeness.

6.                Give Them a Day Off

Turn off their computers, hide their desk chairs, or lock their doors. Then, when they arrive in the morning, they will try to get in, turn their computers on, or look for their chairs. That is when you let them know that they have their birthday off from work. But remember to discuss this with your boss first.


You can leave a note on their desk or change their screensaver to “Take today off” or “Go Home”.

7.                Give Them a Fake Cake

Keeping in tune with the recent TikTok trend “cake or fake,” you could get them a cake that looks exactly like a random object, such as a shoe or watermelon, and freak them out! But, to make it even funnier, you could put the object in a cake box and convince them to cut through it, making them think it’s a cake!


Make your coworkers’ birthdays memorable with these awesome ideas! Lighten the tension in the workroom and enjoy much-needed laughter with the people you work with. We hope you enjoyed this article and share it with your friends, family, and coworkers. Except for the one you’re planning the birthday of obviously!


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  • Some foul-smelling candles are designed with unpleasant smells such as fish, dirty socks, or farts. So when mom lights them up, she’s in for a stinky surprise. Make sure to make up with a lovely gift afterwards.
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