Why Filling Empty Home Space Is A Good Design Problem To Have

Of all the problems in life you could work on, deciding how fill and decorate large swathes of square footage in a new home is a good one. That said, that doesn’t mean your task is easy. After all, designing a larger home or room can be tough, especially because smaller decorations can make the space look even more domineering, and fitting the symmetry of the space with adornments or utilities, without an odd-looking outcome, is tougher than it sounds.


Thankfully, you have time to consider your forward approach. Sure, you could focus on a few indulgences, like adding arcade machines, a gaming PC desk station, or even a larger television than you’re used to, but it can also be worthwhile to use the space in a manner that adds utility and value to the room and home at large.


In this post, we’ll throw out some suggestions to help you with that effort. In the long run, we believe you’ll find real utility in that effort:


Indulgent Design Is Possible


When you have more space to work with, you tend to feel excited about indulging in your hobbies. For example, these home bar ideas can showcase how putting together a spirit collection and a fantastic mixing area to serve those concoctions is not only a fun hobbyist activity, but a real interior design addition to any nice home. Moreover, setting up activity spaces, such as room for exercise bikes, home gyms or treadmills can help you use the space, not solely decorate it, and a good balance can be found between the two.


Social Spaces Are More Realistic


When you have abundant space to decorate, you can design more room for social activities outside of just chairs oriented around a television in your living room. For example, you may implement a hobbyist board game space for people to get together, eat snacks and relax, or even a seating area and karaoke zone better and more classy than any bar you could go to in town. Social spaces like this, especially those that then feed out through your larger opening doors into the staging area of your garden, can be a joy to implement, and will provide you with multiple social comforts no matter the weather.


You Get To “Test Out” Other Decorations


From trying a new feature wall color, to implementing larger plant vases for small indoor trees, you get to test out home decorations in larger space to see how they may fit in smaller, curated rooms. From matching certain decorations with the wall color, seeing if lighting fixtures carry well across a room, and also giving you room to mix and orient furnishings from elsewhere as you redesign, open space gives you more freedom to experiment and have fun with your design, which can always be a good use of your time. In other words, you get the chance to engage and experiment with your property more directly.

With this advice, you’re sure to fill empty home space, as a healthy design problem to have.

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