What Rings to Choose for a Modern-Style Wedding

Fashion for jewellery is constantly evolving, and this includes wedding rings. If you’re planning a modern-style wedding and looking for an accessory that not only symbolizes your commitment but also adds a touch of style to your look, Abelini has got you covered. We’ll share the latest trends and provide some recommendations to help you choose the best ring for your wedding.

The assortment of such jewellery today is really impressive. You will find a large selection in the Jewellery catalogue. With such a variety, it is quite easy to get lost. Rings come in different designs and styles, with or without decorations, and are either expensive or inexpensive. In fact, your choice depends only on your imagination.

About fashion trends

For a modern-style wedding, buy engagement rings that are in line with current trends and the couple’s individual preferences. It is important to understand that fashion is dynamic, and you should choose a ring that you wear for a long time, rather than simply following the trend of the year. Below are a few designs that you like:

  • Unusual ring shapes. These models with non-standard geometric shapes, for example, oval or square, which look stylish and modern.
  • Mixing metals of different colours and origins. It is becoming more and more popular to mix different metals in one ring, such as rose gold and white gold or rings with silver and platinum.
  • Rings with unusual inserts. Traditional diamonds have not gone out of fashion, but if you want something fresher and more fashionable, choose rings with unusual inserts, for example, multi-coloured stones or stones of different shapes and sizes, cut or uncut. Designers offer a huge variety, so your choice depends only on your desires.
  • Engraved rings. You have the engraving on the inside or outside of the ring. It’s a great way to personalize your jewellery, with options including patterns, initials or dates.
  • Rings with texture, such as surface stones or embossed finishes, add extra depth and visual interest to a piece of jewellery.

It is important to choose rings that suit your individual style and preferences. At the same time, do not forget about the important points when choosing such a symbolic decoration:

  • Pick a ring that you wear every day if you wish to.
  • Even though modern trends allow for the use of bride and groom rings made in different designs for the ceremony, they should still be harmoniously combined in style.
  • Pay attention to sets. Quite often, you find something interesting made in the same style.
  • Remember that your wedding ring should match your engagement ring. Trends may come and go, but classics never go out of style. Besides, it’s convenient.
  • It’s important to consider the width of the ring band when selecting the right size. It’s recommended that the ring fits snugly but not too tightly, with enough space to slide the ring on and off comfortably. This is especially important to keep in mind since finger sizes fluctuate with changes in temperature, causing them to swell or shrink. For instance, in the summertime, fingers tend to swell, while in winter they may become thinner. Hence, a good fit is necessary to ensure that the ring stays secure on your finger without being too constricting or too loose.


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