The Best Smartphones for UK Consumers

Anyone that grew up in the era before mobile phones will remember their teachers telling them that they needed to learn how to do long division because they wouldn’t always have a calculator to hand. Now that smartphones are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, the idea of being without access to the entire catalogue of human knowledge at our fingertips seems faintly ridiculous.


Within a few short years, we have gone from marvelling at the very concept of a non-wired phone, to expecting our phones to be an entertainment centre, communications device, and mobile workstation. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world in which most people aren’t connected, and we certainly expect to have an app for almost any purpose to make it easier to manage everything from our bank accounts to our social lives.


From the rudimentary mobile phones that were barely able to maintain a phone call without dropping out, to high-tech devices designed specifically to appeal to a segment of the smartphone market, the evolution has been swift and efficient.


Different types of mobile device


One of the biggest changes to the way people use their mobile phones has been the rise in mobile gaming. Players can take their favourite games with them wherever they go, whether that’s playing a few poker hands on their morning commute, or meeting friends online for an augmented-reality raid.


There are thousands of games available, and for hardcore fans, their mobile phone is an important part of their gaming tech. Manufacturers are facilitating this trend by designing phones with gamers in mind, including faster processors and better.


For those that don’t primarily use their phones for gaming, there are plenty of options for phones that offer them plenty of options depending on their priorities. For those that want to use their phone primarily for watching television or videos, a large screen and rapid refresh rate are important considerations.


Many people want a phone to help them stay connected for work purposes, seeking all-rounder phones that have enough power to keep up with work emails and other documents. Anyone working for themselves will know that being contactable can make a huge difference to the success of their operation.


If you’re running a business, you will have to balance your need for a phone that can keep you in touch with your customers and suppliers and one that has all the capacity you need for making notes, taking pictures, and accessing important documents.


The best mobile phones


For anyone that wants to make the most of their local area, there are plenty of phones that will allow you to tap into what makes your part of the world unique. From finding the best local landmarks to getting reviews of the pubs within hiking distance, your mobile can be a lifeline when it comes to organising your downtime.


Some of the most popular models are:


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


The latest in this popular line of phones, this one comes packed with features that are sure to appeal to anyone who uses their phone a lot, and the high price of this handset certainly needs justification. The screen is huge, with QHD+ and a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz, and you can set the brightness to a maximum that makes everything on the screen really pop.


The battery life is exceptional, with reports that it will last more than twenty-four hours with moderate use, and the 45w charger means it’s topped up in no time. The camera features a range of lenses and up to 10x optical zoom, making it one of the best cameras on the market.


Google Pixel 6a



At the other end of the affordability scale, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice much to find a phone that’s a little less likely to break the bank. While the Pixel 7a has already been released, phone purchasers that want value for money should stick with the 6a.



The screen is compact with everything you need in a user-friendly design, with high resolution but a relatively low refresh rate of 60Hz, and the dual-lens camera is one of the best around at this price point. The battery holds up to moderate use for several hours but may need charging before the end of the day if you are using it a lot.



Honor Magic 5 Pro


If you want to break away from one of the biggest phone manufacturers, this might be the device for you. It has a beautiful LTPO OLED screen with excellent resolution and an excellent 120Hz refresh rate.


The battery is massive and can handle twelve hours of heavy usage without a problem, not to mention impressively fast charging times. The camera has three 50MP lenses and produces photos that easily rival any of the bigger name phone brands.


Whatever your needs, the perfect phone could be just a few clicks away.


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